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Holiday Mental Health Tips that Work

12/08/2019 2 Opinions

Hello there and welcome to another post.

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" Yeah right. More like it's the most stressful time of the year. Time to make everything perfect and entertain family you only see this time of year because you really can't stand them.

There are some things that you can do that will help with the stress of the holiday season.

Some Tips For You


  Walk away to somewhere alone even if it is the bathroom or shower. Lock yourself in there and breath. This is great for when you are stressed or fighting or anytime you need to walk away.

Breath in and out. Repeat.


   Sounds dumb, yes but it works. Take a deep breath in and out then count 1-6

Make a List-

    Nothing like being disorganized to make you even more stressed out.

Make a list of:
gifts you need to buy
food to make
decorations you need

Make a list of everything and anything you need to remember

Enjoy it:

Sure you may hate your family right now and want to kill them but you know you love them.

Remember that many people at the holidays don't have any friends or family to celebrate it with. So be happy that you do


  This may sound cruel to your family and friends but sometimes you just need a break from all the choas. Go outside, in another room or pretend you need to go #2. Anything to let you go hide

 You can cheeck out my other post 4 Successful New Ways to Improve Your Stress I will see you on Saturday for the start of my 12 Days of Fablemooncember!!!! A ton of holiday themed posts coming up for you to enjoy 

Pokemon Go Helps Social Anxiety

12/08/2019 0 Opinions
Everyone knows about the game Pokemon Go. You try and catch Pokemon in the real world. It can help you lose weight. It forces you to get fresh air

But could it be the cure for anxiety??

Of course not but it can help a lot. This coming from someone that can not go outside on most days due to her social anxiety. Read more to learn how it has helped me

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  No Pokemon Go is not going to cure 100% of your anxiety but it will help with your social anxiety.


Well, it takes your mind off things in the real world. You are focused on catching and finding these Pokemon that you don't have time to think about anything else.

The only thing you stress out over is finishing your Pokedex. And unlike the world, there is a cure for that Uninstall the game

I am not sure about anyone else but it has helped with my social anxiety.

       1. It gets me out of the house which I was afraid to do that before

      2. I am focusing on the game that I don't pay attention to the people around me. Well, I do for safety but not as in being paranoid. I could care less if they are wondering what I am doing or looking at me. Like I said I am focused on the game

      3. Sometimes I can even walk down the street by myself!!!!! I can mainly do this only once a week but hey that is way more than I normally am able to do. I don't need to bring Kobe with me (I would be focusing on the game rather than him anyways)

 The game really has not brought me any friends since I don't think many people play down in my city. I am ok with that though. I don't think I am ready for actual non-online friends. One day of course but not know.

 I can say that I am grateful for the game. It has helped me as much as blogging has. I am also grateful for blogging.

Do you play Pokemon Go?? Does it help your social anxiety and what level are you on?? 

Life Lessons In Frozen

11/24/2019 5 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

  In celebration of the sequel to the 2013 film Frozen, I thought we would take a look back at the movie.

 If you lived under a rock in 2013, Disney released a movie called Frozen about Princess Ana who journeys across icy mountains to talk to her sister (Queen Elsa )who accidentally turned their kingdom into an eternal winter. It has funny, heartfelt moments mixed with amazing musical numbers. You may have heard of a little Oscar-winning song called Let It Go.

 Today we are talking about life lessons from the movie. If you focus hard enough, you can find life lessons in any movie. For example, I did another post on Life Lessons in Finding Dory another classic Disney movie.

  *This rest of this post contains spoilers so be warned*

How to Leave A Better Legacy

11/17/2019 0 Opinions

If you look up Legacy you will find it means 'something that happens or exists as a result of things that happened at an earlier time'

With my mental health issues, I always think of dying and what I will be remembered for. What will my legacy be?? This is tough for me to answer since I don't have children, hate people, no friends, basically have done nothing in life 😔😔 

So think of this question. Really think about it. I know it may be morbid but you don't want to be just dust left in the world. You want to be remembered. Continue reading if you need some ideas 

 Ok so have you thought about it?? If you are stuck then here are some ideas:

1. A journal
        You don't have to write in it every day even. Have you ever seen the Disney show "Good Luck Charlie"?? You should. The older sister records videos giving her younger sister advice on everything. Create a journal where you give advice to your children, grandkids or anyone

2. Your blog

    Your blog will be online forever. Future generations will see it. This can be how people remember you

3. Write a book

       It doesn't have to be a word book, maybe a cartoon book. It doesn't have to belong. You can create an Amazon Ebook here 

4. Your great personality 

        Personality matters so much. If you have a good personality then people will remember you. Be kind to everyone, even your enemies. 
You may not know this but people are watching you. Whether that person is your kid, grandkid, stranger, family... If you do good then someone will see it and be motivated to do good also

5. Create something

    We got book and blog out of the way so create a product. Maybe you are good at making paper people. Sell them www.esty.com is a great site to sell things you make

6. Your children

    This list won't be complete without adding children if you plan on having any. They are the most important legacy anyone can have. Make sure you teach them right, show them good and bad. Like I said they are watching you 

So there are 6 things that will help you leave a better legacy There are soo many more things that you can do to be remembered. Just make sure that your legacy is a good one and not a bad one. 
Leave a comment if you know any other ways and I will see you next Sunday :)


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