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Web Traffic Secrets From the Experts

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I was sent Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers. I have been reading this book for the last few days now and I find it to be informative as well as well written. For those who don't know Russell Brunson is a Best-Selling Author & CEO of $100M software company ClickFunnels. He has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books and popularized the concept of sales funnels. In 2014, Russell and partner Todd Dickerson launched ClickFunnels, which became the fastest-growing non-venture backed software company in the world. 

  Every other week here on Fablemoon Says, I will be writing about the book. We will be looking at a few chapters each week. We will discover:

What it means
If it is helpful
How it works for you 
How I will implement what I learn

By the end of the book, we should have gained more traffic, discovered who our core readers are and where are they hiding as well as more secrets. Bt completing the 30-day challenge, you'll learn key strategies to increase your traffic site

This week we are starting with Section 1- Your Dream Customer. Which breaks down in 7 different secrets

Keep an eye out on my Facebook as I will be posting about the book also

Chapter 1 Who is your dream customer

 According to Russell, your dream customer falls under three categories-


 We as bloggers know that there are way more categories. Travel, lifestyle, food, parenting just to name a few. When we start our blog, we semi know what category we want our readers to fall into.

 For Fablemoon Says, we start by looking at my tagline- Shoot for the moon and be the best you. Fablemoon Says will help improve your life and inspire your creative side.

 From that, we can minus wealth, food and parenting as our main readers. So who would be Fablemoon Says dream readers- those would be people who are looking to escape, learn something new. In other words health and general knowledge.

*Making a list of 2-3 categories will help*

Chapter 2 Where Are They Hiding? The Dream 100

 The next thing Russell talks about is where to find our customers/readers. This involves a method he likes to call The Dream 100.

 We go back to Chapter 1 with our shortlist of who our dream customer is. Now we figure where to find them.

 For Fablemoon Says it would be mental health boards or even boards for writers.

 So what does Russell say The Dream 100 is and how do we use it? 
Finding 100 or so of your dream partners that you would like to work with.

 Now when you think of it, you may not think it works for blogs but it does. You find 100 or so blogs you would like to collaborate with, contact them to tell them you want to collaborate then get on it. This creates backlinks which we know are a huge part of gaining traffic.

 I have not used the Dream 100, however, I did go on Facebook to find blogs I wanted to share. I have a list of all of them now I just need to work on that post and contact them asking for shares when the post goes live.

 So far this chapter seems very informative.

Chapter 3 Hook, Story, Offer and the Attractive Character

 Simple really- you need to hook the audience by grabbing their attention. This is where I fail half the time since I am just terrible at the opening of my posts. I am working on it.

 This tells of a story after you hook the audience. If your story is relative to the post then share it, if not then it is best to avoid it. This could also ne talking about the body of the post where you share how they can benefit from reading your post.

 Then we have an offer which is again what it sounds like. At the end of the post or middle, most bloggers offer a freebie where you can get something related to the post by signing up for the email.
It can also be just telling people to subscribe via email to get more posts.

 Which is what I shall do now. You can access my whole library of freebies by signing up for my email. You need to sign up in order to get the password which unlocks the freebie page

30+ Ways to Destress Printable & Password to Free Content Page

Chapter 4 Work your Way In, Buy your Way In

 This basically means getting to know the list of people you want to collaborate with by subscribing to their blogs, following their social media and so on.
When emailing people, you want to tell them why you would be a great choice to collaborate with. Make sure to include all your stats and what your blog is about.

 Buying your way in means buying your own traffic which I think is never a good idea. You can buy anything these days likes on Instagram, followers for any social media... All to make it seem like you are doing better when in reality you are just lying to everyone.

 Getting traffic by working your butt off may be stressful but at least you know people genuinely want to read your content

Chapter 5 Traffic that You Own

 This chapter talks about using the subscribers that follow you (whether paid or not) to your advantage.

 We do this by sending weekly or monthly emails aka newsletters about what is going on with our blog or what we are trying to sell them.

Chapter 6 Follow Up Funnels

 This is what I just brought up about sending emails and such to subscribers that you have. The chapter goes into detail of how to gain sale with various follow-ups.

 So far not the most helpful chapter. We already know following up with people will help grow traffic

Chapter 7 Infiltrating the Dream 100

 This chapter talks about how you can get the Dream 100 traffic.

Text, video or audio like podcasts, YouTube or even blogs

 Then we go into detail of starting these so-called 'shows'. Some helpful tips like

  • being consistent
  • posting a lot
  • testing your material (took me years to figure what I wanted to post. So much testing)

 Basically promoting what you are selling to a wider audience. Once you get your 'show' you ask whoever is on your Dream 100 to collaborate with you. Many may say no but keep trying


Overall  Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers seems like a really good book. We have learned a lot in just a few short chapters.
The Dream 100 is basically building backlinks by asking 100 or so people (in your niche) to work with you.

I am glad I was sent this book as I have already learned a lot. I love learning about how to grow my site in all the ways I can.

I hope this post has been informative. If you would like to receive your own copy Traffic Secrets then click here.

If you enjoy post where I talk about books then please do tell me. I do plan on getting some blogging books.

Stay tuned because in two weeks we will be talking more about this book. In the meantime, don't forget to figure out who you want your audience to be and work on your Dream 100. Good luck

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Best Underrated Apps for Blogging- What I Use

5/24/2020 0 Opinions


 There are millions of apps on Google Play and Apple Store. Millions of downloads per day, per hour. With millions more being made every day. Did you know that you could find apps that will help with blogging? These apps can be downloaded straight to your enabled phone or tablet. Most apps these days can be shared over all devices you have. 

 We all know the best apps are free, easy to use and make life or what you are doing easier. 

Today I am sharing with you various apps I use for blogging that are all of these and more. They are great for bloggers of new, experience or in-between. These apps are underrated and I think deserve way more attention. 

So let's get straight into it.

Note- I use Android devices and some of the apps appear not to have an Apple version but I did link what i thought was releated and would work

Blogger (Panel) 

  I have tried basically all the blogging apps on my phone. They either always fail to upload my post and I have to redo it all over again or they just don't have the features I like. 

 This app I can save without worrying what I wrote will be deleted. I can use all the same features here as I can using the web. It is easy and free. 

 See your stats, comments
Edit your post, pages, layout and more
All the editing features as on the site. Blogger app only has bold, underline, italics. 

You must use two fingers in order to scroll up. Which can sometimes be a pain

Photo Collage Maker-

 This is an app I use to create many photos that you can see on my Instagram

 You can create collages, decorate just one photo or even patch a photo onto another photo. Bloggers can use them for Instagram , create the phots to include in their post or create pinnable images for Pinterest. 

Learn how I made this photo by clicking here

best underrated apps for blogging
Learn how I made this photo by clicking here

Many different fonts, stickers, temples

Sometimes when I go to add an image from the search area, it says no connection

Writer Plus

 This is the app I use for taking notes. It is a simple app but works very well


Dark mode
Word count
Share via image, text file

Honorable Mentions

Google Keep- A note-taking app that you can share via all your devices. Write in various color notes and more Apple Android

Pinterest- An app for the website. I like to pin things when I have the free time or nothing to do. Bloggers know that Pinterest is one site that can generate loads of traffic. I have yet to do that but it does take time.  There are plenty of free courses you can try of you want ro increase your views (not sponsored)

Evernote- This is a great note app also. You can clip pages from the web, scan documents into the app via your camera and even attach pdfs plus more. Now I don't use this app on my phone since I find it to be a bit buggy. That could just be my phone or network but it is great on the computer. 


 These are just a few that I use. There are millions more that will fit any of your blogging needs. Millions more that are added daily. 

I hope you find these apps I included to be useful and fit your needs. 

 If you would like to see various websites I use for blogging then leave a comment. 
If you would like any other posts related to what I use for blogging then leave that in the comments also
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Mental Health-Talking Tips and Signs to Look for

5/17/2020 10 Opinions

  This brought me to repost one of my most popular posts, Mental Health- Talking tips and signs to look for. Sure I could come up with a shorter and better title but I want people to know exactly what they are getting in this very important post.

It really does not matter the time of year this is posted, which is why I repost it often. Mental Health needs to be talked about now, tomorrow, yesterday and every day. It is a leading cause of death in young kids and is on the rise more than any other illness or death cause.*

With all this being said, let us get to the post.

Hotline, chat lines and other help here

*May not be a real fact but feels like it

#FunFact this is one of my most popular and lengthy posts.

Bracelet to show your support

Why is it that only when a celebrity dies of suicide that we talk about it? Why is it only on mental health day do we talk about mental health? These matters should be talked about every day.

Kids these days go threw so much more than they did in recent years. With all the pressure, social media presence, bullying on and off social media and more, kids these days are more prone to mental health issues than ever.

Yet we don't talk about this as much as we should. Maybe it is because many people are not sure how to talk to kids about this subject. Or they just can't accept that their kids could be one of the millions who suffer from mental health.

  'Oh, my kid is fine. I don't need to worry about talking about mental health issues with them' 

 Do you hear yourself speaking those words? Well let me tell you something, someone could be on the brink of suicide or have serious mental health issues and not show any signs. You will never know until the end. You will question why they did it. Question yourself if you are the reason they did it. Chances are there is more than one reason a person commits suicide. It can happen to your kids, a friends kid, the most popular kid, the rich kid, adults your age, your friends... Every human walking on this Earth young and old could suffer from some kind of mental health issue. No matter race, age, male, female, gay, straight. Even animals can suffer from mental health

We must teach and talk to our kids about mental health issues like self harm, depression, suicide.... Just like we teach and talk about sex, drugs, kindness... 

Below I have some tips for talking to your kids and some signs to watch out for. Linkin Park lead singer Chester committed suicide on July 20th, 2017. At the end of the page is one of their songs. Feel free to listen to it & support them by buying the song

Tips for talking to your kids about mental health 

1. Be sure to reassure them that it is ok to speak to you or another adult if they are feeling low. They may just need someone to talk to

2. Never Ever judge them

3. Never Ever blame this on them. It's the brain's fault

4. Never Ever make it seem like its all about you. Some parents think 'I did this' They ignore what the kid is saying 

5. Give them a hug

6. Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen to what they are saying

7. If they don't want to talk, tell them to write it in a journal. Have them hand it to you when they are done. Then you can either write your thoughts or speak them

8. Don't cry. Sure your kid has this issue but they need you to be strong

9. Do some research on how mental health. The more you know, the more you can help

10. Get them help if they need it

Signs to look for

1. Personality changes- Are they angry all the time?  Did they turn from outgoing to just wanting to be alone? 

2. Speech changes- Are they talking about ending it all? Asking about death? Talking about death? Quiet talking? Avoiding friends? Avoiding you?

3. Changes in eating- Are they eating more? Eating less? Eating different? 

4. Sleeping changes- Do you notice they sleep more? Or sleep less?

5. Changes in school- Are they failing classes? Getting into trouble? 

6. Style changes- Do they not care what they look like anymore? Wearing long sleeves or pants all the time? 

7. Changes in shopping- Are they buying odd things? 

8. Medicine cabinet changes- Are various pills missing? 

Please note that although there are many signs of mental health issues, some people never display them. The best tip I have is to-

Listen to them, 
Pay Attention to see if anything even little changes, 
Talk to them often even if they don't want to, 
Teach them about depression, suicide, self-harm... 
Be there for them 
Be nice to those you meet on the streets, even if they are mean to you

Repeat these steps every day, all day, all the time. Be sure to share this post with everyone you meet, everyone you know. Make sure everyone you know shares it with everyone they know. We need to spread awareness of the signs and tips on how to help. Many people will disregard even the most obvious sign that something is wrong with someone, which will make them feel really guilty if anything happens to the said person.

 If you are a new reader then you should know mental health is very important to me. You can see my previous posts on mental health here

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5 Useful and Easy Skills to Learn During Isolation

4/26/2020 3 Opinions

 What can we say about 2020?? That it has been horrible, a test of everyone's patience and mental health, that we wish we could turn back time to start the year over. Yes, yes and yes. 

 The world is trying to be safe staying at home whenever possible. 
Keeping your brain and yourself active during this time is essential for your well being. 

 Since many people are in isolation at this time, I decided I thought I would tell you 5 Useful and Easy Skills You Could Learn during your downtime. I got a wide variety of skills that will help at any point in your life. Skills that you will be proud to say you know. Skills that you wish you knew but never had the time. Abilities that you can learn at home. 

 So if you want to feel accomplished and less bored then keep reading. If you have kids, then these would be some great skills to teach them. 


 When you think of sewing. you think of a grandma sewing her grandkid a pair of mittens. 

 Sewing is more than that. Sewing is taking a needle and thread and fixing a button that comes off of your shirt right before the big job interview. Keeping that needle and thread in your purse for when a friend needs it because she thought she could fit in a size 2 jeans. 

 Sewing is a skill that will come in handy at some point in your life. You will be glad that you took the time to learn that skill. 


 Got a new crush that loves steak but you only know how to use the microwave? Well, impress that crush (when you can be more than 6 feet close to them) with your new skill.

Try some of these recipes 

New Language

 Being fluent in more than your main language is a great skill for many reasons

1. Great for a job resume especially Spanish
2. Great if you want to impress someone of another culture
3. Great if you ever go to a foreign country and need to communicate with people
4. Learning helps the brain
Tech Times says 10 is the best age to start learning a new language so if you have kids then this would be a great skill to teach them.


Of any kind. Writing, drawing, photography. These are top skills that can earn you money

Take the time now to maybe start a blog or YouTube channel. Sure you may not have anything going on but I am sure you know something that would be useful to someone else

May I suggest some crafts via Fablemoon Says. Find some here

Computer skills- 

Technology is a huge part of the world today and will be even more in the future. So getting more informed in anything technology related will help in the long run.

There are many things you can learn like coding, SEO, programming, app making, photo editing, video editing and so much more


 Let us not be too depressed over this whole lockdown. Instead, take some time to do things you love, spend it with people you love, spend time working on you and find some new things you love. 

 In no time. you will be an expert in everything that you have accomplished during your self-isolation. Take these skills into the real world. Showcase them to everyone you can. 

 What we need to do right now is adjust to the new world, be proud of the experience, the time alone, the time with family. Remember to take the kindness that we are learning and use it well after this is all over. Things will get better. 
 Nothing lasts forever

 What kind of skills are you going to try? What skills did I miss? Leave the answers down in the comments

Be safe and be kind today, tomorrow, always.

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