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Very Easy DIY Pokemon Journal

2/23/2020 0 Opinions

 Pokemon Go the 2016 popular argumented reality game for mobile devices based on the beloved series Pokemon. Now I am sure you have heard of this game as it was once very popular. Since 2016, the popularity has seen a decrease but still remains a top game. 

 Journaling is a process of taking a blank notebook and filling it with things that you love. 

 Today we are combing both journaling and Pokemon Go to create a Pokemon Go journal. These are two of my favorite things plus crafting. 

Don't worry if you are not skilled at crafting, don't have a printer or play Pokemon Go. This DIY is simple and can be used for any tv show, video game or movie that you love. Basically, we are taking and just recording what has happened while we play the game

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8 Creative Ways to Fill a Notebook

2/16/2020 1 Opinions
 I have noticed many people have been starting to be creative with their notebooks. A good reason as notebooks is a blank canvas that cost little money and can be filled with whatever a person likes.

 Today I am here to give you some inspiration to what a notebook can be filled with. These are just 8 Creative Ways to fill a notebook, there are countless other ways.

Hopefully, I can give you some inspiration to have fun filling your notebooks

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How to Leave A Better Legacy

2/12/2020 0 Opinions

How do you leave a better legacy?

Let us first look at legacy in the dictionary it states many things but what we want is something that someone has achieved that continues to exist after they stop working or die. 

 Everyone leaves behind a legacy after they die, but only few people leave behind a legacy worth talking about.

 So when we know that we can start thinking about our own legacy. What have we accomplished in life? Why would people think to remember us? 

 Martin Luther King Jr legacy was that he helped change history for black Americans. This is an example of a great legacy. 

A bad legacy would be Hitler who believed Jewish people were not cool and wound up killing more than 6 million of them. He was an awful person who has left a legacy of evil.  

  As someone with mental health issues, I always think of death and what people will remember me by. If they remember me at all. 

 In this post, we are going to discuss ways to leave a legacy and how to leave a better one. 

1. A journal

        You don't have to write in it every day even. Have you ever seen the Disney show "Good Luck Charlie"?? You should. The older sister records videos giving her younger sister advice on everything. Create a journal where you give advice to your children, grandkids or anyone.

 A journal is a great look into your life. A person will see this and be remembered of all the times you had. It reminds me of a movie based on the Columbine shooting called I'm Not Ashamed. Based on Rachel who wrote in journals. After she was sadly shot to death, her family found her journals and was able to get a closer look into her wonderful life.  

2. Your blog or YouTube Channel

    Your blog and YouTube channel will be online forever (unless they decide to cancel the website in the future) 

 Future generations will see it. This can be how people remember you. Make sure both are a reflection of yourself. 

We make blogs and YouTube videos to teach people things. Make sure you are not just doing either just for money but are doing something that people will be enjoying.  

 Right now, people will remember me for my blog. Hopefully, people will see this blog and be like 'she taught me things I did not know.' This for me is a great legacy and why I created Fablemoon Says. I did not create it for my legacy, just to teach people something new to improve their life.

3. Write a book

   It doesn't have to be a word book, it could be a comic book. You can create an Amazon Ebook here 

It does not have to be about your life, it can be fiction which is based on imaginary events and people. It can be a book based on someone you admire. A poetry book. A book of songs you wrote. It can be a short book

Think JK Rowling she wrote the book of Harry Potter. We will remember her for that. 

4. Your great personality 

        Personality matters so much. If you have a good personality then people will remember you. Be kind to everyone, even your enemies. 
You may not know this but people are watching you. Whether that person is your kid, grandkid, stranger, family... If you do good then someone will see it and be motivated to do good also

5. Create something

    We got book and blog out of the way so create a product. Maybe you are good at making paper people. Sell them www.esty.com is a great site to sell things you make. 

 Just think Kate Spade a fashion designer whose legacy will be her fashion designs. 

6. Your children

    This list won't be complete without adding children if you plan on having any. They are the most important legacy anyone can have. Make sure you teach them right, show them good and bad. Like I said they are watching you 

7. Work Harder than everyone

 To leave a better legacy, you must put in the work. You must work hard for your passion. Create the life you want. The life that will inspire those around you. 

Think Kobe Bryant how will people remember him? A father, a champion, a good person? Yes but above all, they remember how hard he worked to reach his goals. How hard he continued to work in everything he did. He didn't sit and wait to become great. No, he put in the work to be great. 

8. Support causes you love

 This may not have a big impact on your legacy but it will do enough. The people you help will remember you. They will tell of how you helped them. 

 Some places even put your name on the wall


 What you leave behind will affect future generations. You don't want your kids to remember you as a bad person. Or have your kids watch you on tv because you murdered a whole bunch of people. 

 Think if you were to die right now, how would people remember you. Would it be for something good? 
Would they even remember you? 
How many years in the future will they forget you?  

If none of those questions have any good answers, then start making a change in your life. Start being a better person, donate to a charity, help someone else. 

Learn from the past, live in the present and build for the future. 

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How to Be Single On Valentines Day

2/09/2020 3 Opinions

  Let's be real, Valentine's Day sucks when you are single. Honestly, it does not have to. There are ways to make February 14th less lonely and sad.

 So all my fellow single people, let me show you the way to make the day good.

But first let me tell you a story.

It was Moonshine's first Valentine's Day alone since Chris broke up with her. Five Valentine's of having a boyfriend then not can really mess with someone. She had no clue how to spend the holiday alone nor did she really want anything to do with it this year. 

 Kisses from Moonpup wiped away the tears that fell from her black eyes. 
    "Oh, Moonpup at least I know you will never leave me. We shall spend Valentine's together. Who needs a man?"

She stopped crying as she held Moonpup tight

1. Have girls or boys night

    Celebrate the holiday with your fellow single gals or guys. It will be fun and less lonely. 

 Girls can talk about how much boys suck or their crushes. Boys can do whatever they do. Honestly. I am a girl so I really don't know what a boys night in would be like. 

2. Stay home and sulk in your loneliness

 Why not just get in your sexy pajamas, drink some alcohol (if you are of age), eat some ice cream and put on some of your favorite movies. 

 Spending time with yourself and giving yourself some crying time does great for mental health.

 This is normally what I do since I don't have any friends and prefer to spend my time with my puppy. 

 3. Spend time with the family

  I know who wants to spend time with their family on Valentine's Day. Spending time with people you love, love you and make you happy also does great for mental health. 

 Hopefully, your family is not the type who asks why you are single on Valentine's. That would be quite awkward 

4. Think of the holiday as just a regular day

  Think of it this way, on Mother's day you don't see many people complaining that they don't have a mom to celebrate the day with.

The holidays really don't matter. They are just there to make people spend money and feel more depressed then they really are which in turn makes people spend more money. The holidays are mainly for consumers not what the holiday or who the holiday is celebrating.

  I mean what is the point of only saying your significant other is special only one day of the year? Or that your mom is? You should be celebrating them all year round. 

5. Go to a dog shelter or homeless shelter

  Animals are great for helping change your mood. Animals also can care less about any holiday, or if you are single. They care about attention. 

 Many people in a homeless shelter don't have the family or significant other to care for them. They are just as lonely and sad as you or the animals. 

 These are great causes that will make you feel good, someone else feel good and make you forget about your depressing life for a while.


 Single or in a relationship, February 14th really should not matter.  It is just a consumer holiday made for the economy to make money.

 If you must then take the day to feel sorry for yourself. Then go and change that. Figure out why you are single.

Have you not put yourself out there enough? 
Did you experience heartbreak not too long ago? 
Have you been neglecting yourself? 

  Life is too short to spend it alone feeling sorry for yourself all the time. 
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