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4/05/2020 0 Opinions

 Hey guys so as you know I have not posted anything new on here in over a month. So I thought I would come by and tell you what has been up.

 You know times are stressful in the world right now due to the Carona Virus.

 My issue has not had anything to do with the virus being around. As you know my mental health is not right and for a while it has just been going on a downward spiral. Like I said, nothing to do with the stress of the virus and being home (I don't go aywhere anyways).

 I have been taking time to work behind the scenes of Fablemoon Says  working on seo, backlinks and all the fun stuff. It has been a lot of work.

 I have two posts that I have been working on that is not complete.

What happens now? 

 I just have not been feeling up to working on the blog. Hopefully next week I can get a post up and things will start to look better.

Until then stay safe.
Follow me on Instagram to see if there is any updates. I will see you soon
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Mental Health-Talking Tips and Signs to Look for

3/25/2020 10 Opinions

It is currently February 10th as I sit here typing this, which means we are in the middle of Season Affective Disorder, also known as 'winter blues' Read more here The holidays are gone, singles are lonely and we are just here sitting thinking of the holiday past. Many of us looking forward to the start of spring in March, knowing that it will feel like a million years until it gets here.

  This brought me to repost one of my most popular posts, Mental Health- Talking tips and signs to look for. Sure I could come up with a shorter and better title but I want people to know exactly what they are getting in this very important post.

It really does not matter the time of year this is posted, which is why I repost it often. Mental Health needs to be talked about now, tomorrow, yesterday and every day. It is a leading cause of death in young kids and is on the rise more than any other illness or death cause.*

With all this being said, let us get to the post.

Hotline, chat lines and other help here

*May not be a real fact but feels like it

#FunFact this is one of my most popular and lengthy posts.

Bracelet to show your support

Why is it that only when a celebrity dies of suicide that we talk about it? Why is it only on mental health day do we talk about mental health? These matters should be talked about every day.

Kids these days go threw so much more than they did in recent years. With all the pressure, social media presence, bullying on and off social media and more, kids these days are more prone to mental health issues than ever.

Yet we don't talk about this as much as we should. Maybe it is because many people are not sure how to talk to kids about this subject. Or they just can't accept that their kids could be one of the millions who suffer from mental health.

  'Oh, my kid is fine. I don't need to worry about talking about mental health issues with them' 

 Do you hear yourself speaking those words? Well let me tell you something, someone could be on the brink of suicide or have serious mental health issues and not show any signs. You will never know until the end. You will question why they did it. Question yourself if you are the reason they did it. Chances are there is more than one reason a person commits suicide. It can happen to your kids, a friends kid, the most popular kid, the rich kid, adults your age, your friends... Every human walking on this Earth young and old could suffer from some kind of mental health issue. No matter race, age, male, female, gay, straight. Even animals can suffer from mental health

We must teach and talk to our kids about mental health issues like self harm, depression, suicide.... Just like we teach and talk about sex, drugs, kindness... 

Below I have some tips for talking to your kids and some signs to watch out for. Linkin Park lead singer Chester committed suicide on July 20th, 2017. At the end of the page is one of their songs. Feel free to listen to it & support them by buying the song

Tips for talking to your kids about mental health 

1. Be sure to reassure them that it is ok to speak to you or another adult if they are feeling low. They may just need someone to talk to

2. Never Ever judge them

3. Never Ever blame this on them. It's the brain's fault

4. Never Ever make it seem like its all about you. Some parents think 'I did this' They ignore what the kid is saying 

5. Give them a hug

6. Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen to what they are saying

7. If they don't want to talk, tell them to write it in a journal. Have them hand it to you when they are done. Then you can either write your thoughts or speak them

8. Don't cry. Sure your kid has this issue but they need you to be strong

9. Do some research on how mental health. The more you know, the more you can help

10. Get them help if they need it

Signs to look for

1. Personality changes- Are they angry all the time?  Did they turn from outgoing to just wanting to be alone? 

2. Speech changes- Are they talking about ending it all? Asking about death? Talking about death? Quiet talking? Avoiding friends? Avoiding you?

3. Changes in eating- Are they eating more? Eating less? Eating different? 

4. Sleeping changes- Do you notice they sleep more? Or sleep less?

5. Changes in school- Are they failing classes? Getting into trouble? 

6. Style changes- Do they not care what they look like anymore? Wearing long sleeves or pants all the time? 

7. Changes in shopping- Are they buying odd things? 

8. Medicine cabinet changes- Are various pills missing? 

Please note that although there are many signs of mental health issues, some people never display them. The best tip I have is to-

Listen to them, 
Pay Attention to see if anything even little changes, 
Talk to them often even if they don't want to, 
Teach them about depression, suicide, self-harm... 
Be there for them 
Be nice to those you meet on the streets, even if they are mean to you

Repeat these steps every day, all day, all the time. Be sure to share this post with everyone you meet, everyone you know. Make sure everyone you know shares it with everyone they know. We need to spread awareness of the signs and tips on how to help. Many people will disregard even the most obvious sign that something is wrong with someone, which will make them feel really guilty if anything happens to the said person.

 If you are a new reader then you should know mental health is very important to me. You can see my previous posts on mental health here

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Why Animals are Better than Humans

3/08/2020 0 Opinions

 It is 2020 and I am sitting here with my dog. This really is nothing normal as I am always with my dog. 

 I am sitting here like "wow he has the life". Let us face it, animals really do have a good life. Have you seen how a cat lives? They sleep half the day, eat, poop, drive you insane and then go back to sleep. They do not seem to have a care in the world. I mean why would they? They are just cats who don't have to pay bills, deal with social status or a horrible boss. 

It is 2020, we should start thinking of living like animals. I am not saying go out and attack everyone you don't like. I am saying to watch them and have them lead by example. 

 Today we are going to talk about this a little more in-depth. First, we shall see why animals are better than humans. Then we shall explore how we can take that into being better humans ourselves. 

 So let us get on with this post.   

They can't use guns

  Kind of a good thing right? Can you imagine a bird carrying a little gun? Ok, bad example since that would be too adorable. Imagine a lion carrying a gun though? Horrific. 

  Sure a lot of the animal kingdom has very sharp teeth that can rip a human apart in minutes. This is only due to their need for getting food or defending their territory. Animals rarely attack humans. Most of the time the attack is due for defense or because the animal is sick.

 People use guns. People use guns to kill animals. People use guns to kill other humans. I am not saying guns are a bad thing since they can help you defend yourself when you need to. However, most of the time humans take their gun privileges for granted and just go insane. 

We need stricter gun laws. We need to stop humans from killing innocent humans

They don't care how much money you got or what you look like

 If you see a lion on the street, he will attack you whether you are rich, ugly popular or not. He does not care, he only sees you as prey. 

 Dogs will love you if you are a kind person regardless of anything. Cats, well cats are cats and in their own kind of way, they will show they love you. 
Do cats care how you look? It may seem like it but I highly doubt it. 

They normally are a great judge of character 

 Research shows that dogs can sense when people are not being kind to their human owners. Thus they will bark at this person or even harm them. 
 It is like they have a sixth sense. 

 You may have noticed your furry friend coming by your side when you are in a bad or sad mood. This is because they can tell. 

 Dogs and cats can also sense when a person has an illness. This is part of their sixth sense. So if your cat is ever more loving then normal, you may want to go get check out just in case. 

They won't stress you out

 Humans will stress you out, make fun of you, cause depression and other various mental health issues. Animals will not. Like I said above, they don't care how you look or how much money you have. Nor do they have the vocal ability to make fun of you. 

 Sure cats and dogs will stress you out a few times. They can drive you insane when they want attention and you are busy. Or they get into something they are not allowed to. However, these are minor stresses that you will get over with. 

 Now I am not saying when your beloved furry family member goes with God, it won't cause depression. That depression is different from depression of someone making fun of you

So how can we be like animals?

 We can stop judging people because they are different than us, have less money or are not how we wish they looked. 

 We can take every day and make it great. 
No need to stress on the little things that we can't change. 
Take naps when we can and get a good sleep schedule. 
Take care of your health and mental health. This animal can not due as they don't know how to but we can.

Tips to live your best life


Everyday humanity is getting worse and worse. People killing, people being used, people being hurt... And for what reason?? 

We as humans are taught what is right and wrong. We know murder is wrong. We know using people is wrong, hurting people is wrong. And yet a lot of us do it. Why?

Do we lack common sense now?
Is money all we care about?
Have we become so egotistical that we don't care for fellow humans?

These are questions I think about all the time.
I know I lack human compassion but that is from seeing loved ones get hurt, used, abused, taken advantage of.... It could also be due to having 'mental issues'

Either way, I know animals would never do the things humans do. So in 2020, let us learn how to be like animals. We can make the world a better place if we do.

Leave me a comment down below of more ways we can be like animals. Do you believe animals are better than humans? 

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What I Wish I Knew- About Self Harm

3/01/2020 1 Opinions

*Warning- This post may have triggering effects, so read cautiously* 

Self-harm is when you harm yourself on purpose. This can include cutting yourself, burning yourself, hitting yourself and many more.

I didn't know much about self-harm when I started or that it was even a thing. I just liked the feeling.
I liked being in control.
I liked seeing the blood seep down my arm.
I liked having a secret and lying when someone saw my various cuts.
I liked how it would leave a scar. How I would want to recut when I would see the scar.

 I am well aware of how mental this all sounds but sometimes we think like this.

 My goal today is to show those young kids that self-harm is not all it is cracked up to be. It is not a game. It is something to be taken seriously. I am hoping this post will inspire someone to go get help. To take their pain away in a different way. To not feel alone. So let us get into the post, but first.

If you self harm then please please seek help that way you can live a 'normal' life with no scars. I have a page dedicated to helpful resources that will help if you ever need help, feel lonely or anything else. There are various resources there so feel free to take a look Helpful Resources and
Signs to look for

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