Sep 15, 2019

Best Site To Buy A Casket

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Hey friends and welcome back to the blog.

Death is hard. Buying a casket shouldn't be. Morbid I know.

The Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), makes it possible for you to choose only those goods and services you want or need and to pay only for those you select, whether you are making arrangements when a death occurs or in advance.

What does that even mean?

This allows you to compare prices among funeral homes, and makes it possible for you to select the funeral arrangements you want at the home you use. You can call the homes about prices without even going to see the caskets.

The funeral home must give you a statement listing every good and service you have selected, the price of each, and the total cost before the final purchase of your desired casket

You have the right not to get your desired product at the funeral home.
If a funeral home were to refuse a casket brought in from the outside the penalty enforced by the FTC can be a fine upwards to as much as $30,000.

Caskets Los Angeles
With Same Day Caskets it isn't. Same Day Caskets allows you to shop for cheap coffins and caskets from the comfort of your own home.

Same Day Caskets offers a wide selection of wood caskets, metal caskets, and oversize caskets. For a little extra, you can even get your casket personalized by having special words on the outside, special fabric on the inside and even flowers

If you order by 10:00 a.m. and live within a 120 mile radius of Los Angeles, you’ll receive delivery on the same day, completely free of charge. You can take the unnecessary hassle of pre-ordering the casket days ahead of the ceremony.
Caskets are typically designed to accommodate a body of 100-300 pounds and no more than 6-feet 6-inches in height. Over-sized and petite caskets are available to accommodate other size requirements and may be more expensive accordingly.
So if you live in the Los Angeles community, say goodbye to funeral home directors trying to take advantage of getting more money out of you. And shop at the comfort of your own home, at your own pace with Same Day Caskets

Sep 8, 2019

How to Not Violate Other Peoples Limits

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Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

  Today we are talking about other people. You may not realize this but other people have feelings. We all have boundaries even other people.

Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them and how they will respond when someone passes those limits. 

 We as other people must obey these boundaries as if they were our own. Not obeying them could have serious effects including staring an argument and triggering someone's mental health issues. Now we don't want to do that to someone. So it is best to learn how to obey the limits of others. 

 So without any further chatting about basic nonsense, I shall get onto this post. 

Don't pressure someone into sharing more than they want to

   This really should be obvious since you never want to pressure anyone anyways. There are times when we keep bothering someone into telling us about how they feel emotionally or mentally. Or keep bothering them into telling us something that happened to them. Maybe this person does not feel safe sharing this information right now. This is ok. Give them time. They may tell you or they may not. That is really their choice. 

Ask permission before you vent or unload your feelings

  A simple 'Is this a good time to talk' or 'Can I tell you something' goes a long way. Maybe the person is feeling the same way as you and finds it difficult to share or compress their feelings. 
 You always have to take into consideration how others feel. It can sure hurt when they say no especially if they vent to you often. Just remember maybe they have a reason for saying no. You can find someone else who will listen to you or wait until that person is ready. 

Pay attention to body language

  If someone is on the brink of crying then be sure to stop whatever you are talking about. Ask them if everything is ok, This may cause them to say yes and you may think it is ok to continue but they probably are lying. It is better to change the subject 

Don't offer someone advice unless you have permission

 I can attest to this one since apparently saying 'you deserve better' is a bad thing. It is their life and they have the right to make choices even if you believe that what they are doing is bad. They will learn in the end if they need to. You need to allow them to learn the lesson. It can be hard when all you want is what is best for them. However, want you think is best for them may not be.

Ok, so there you have it. Did I miss anything? 
#QOTD What is a sure way to tell when someone is about to violate your limit? 



Sep 1, 2019

10 Random Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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  Hey guys and welcome back to my blog.

  This weekend I wanted to do a quick yet meaningful post. I figured 10 random facts is a lot more interesting then a q&a. Last Saturday the 24th was my birthday and this week I am going to a Backstreet Boys concert!!!! Next weekened will be a better post.

 These facts have nothing to do with health, family or mental health. They are just fun facts. I will also be doing a 10 Random Facts about my Mental Health and 10 Random Facts about Fablemoon Says. Those will be up eventually so make sure you are subscribed.
Check out about me for more facts

 Before we get started, make sure you check out my Instagram as I have been up to alot. Working on new things that i have been interested in, stickers, printable and others. It will be on Instagram before i post it here. Don't forget also to comment me 'follow back' there and I will.

 Now let us get on to these facts.

 1. I have a dog named Kobe. I also had a dog named Heckta, 2 parakeet named Tiggy and Tweety and a Beta fish named Bluey. I also planning on getting 2 more Parakeets

 2. As you can tell by my theme and blog name, I love the Galaxy, moon, stars and all things in the solar system

 3. I believe in aliens. I don't think they are green little people. I have no clue what they look like

 4. I love carbs, chocolate, fruits and veggies

 5. I hate people and their want of money. Don't get me wrong, money is great and all but it is not the most important thing in the world.  It can make you gair or lose friends very qucik

 6. I love tropical rain. I even often play in it

 7. Yes I am 32 and still tweet at birds outside and say hello to any animals I see

 8. I tend to have nightmares 80% of the time. Tornado, Kobe missing and animals attacking me is the common themes

 9. I love animals but since I live near the zoo, I have nightmares that the lions will escape and come into my home

10. I think I will die by an animals attack since my mind goes blank when I see an animal and I go up to them not worrying about wether they will attack or not

 There you have my 10 Random Facts. I found it fun trying to come up with facts about myself haha. Interesting? Do you relate to any? 
# qotb Tell me a random fact.

See you next time for an all new post :)

Aug 18, 2019

List of Human Food that is Not Safe for Your Dog

August 18, 2019 1 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog. Let me tell you a story

You are eating your favorite food when all of a sudden you hear a whimper. Your dog wants a piece. You can't resist those big, puppy dogs eyes so you give them a bite.

Five minutes later your dog is throwing up, barely able to stand, horribly sick. What happened?? You contact the vet immediately. They ask you what did your dog recently eat. You give them the list. They reply with an 'Oh no they can't have __, you have to induce vomiting right away. If that doesn't clear up then bring them to the vet.

What did you feed them that could be so bad?? Oh, so many things people can eat, dog's can not.

I compiled a list of what is safe and not safe for dogs. I keep this list on my refrigerator at all times so I know I don't give him the wrong food.

Some of these people will say different to my list but these are what I choose to put on them. Use caution when giving your dog lactose like cheese as they may be lactose intolerant.

If you don't think a dog can have _____ then better not to give it to him. Even if they can. it is best to be on the safe side.
Always use caution when feeding your pet something new.

Do Not Give

Aloe Vera
 Antifreeze Drugs
Any Seeds
Baked Beans
Beef Jerky
Hot Dogs
Macadamia Nuts
Moldy Food
Pistachio Nuts
Pitts of Fruit
Raw Dough
Spicy Peppers


Foods that are ok to give

Green Beans
Green Peppers/ Bell Peppers
Peanut Butter
Sweet Potato

Remember to watch on your animals while they are eating or playing with anything. Watch for allergic reactions like unable to breathe, vomiting... 
#QOTB What is your dog's favorite good food to eat?? Kobe loves his veggies and steak

Download the list here

Aug 11, 2019

New Facts about Why Pressure Can be Good

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 Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

   Today I wanted to talk about something important, Pressure. No, I am not talking about the pressure to use drugs/sex, I am talking about Pressure that has to do with blogging.

I was listening to Eminem new song Walk On Water https://youtu.be/n1WpP7iowLc

Basically, he talks about the pressure from his fans to make the music he once did. He adds more pressure on himself to please his fans and give them what they want. He tells his fans that he is not perfect. So they should stop expecting him to be. He is no Jesus.

As a blogger, we know a thing about pressure. To make the views of other bloggers in the same niche, to post what the viewers want, to post what we want, on time...


Do it this way or fail. Like a horrible bug on your shoulder constantly telling you what to do.

Ack but pressure can be a good thing. Hear me out on this one.

Some of us strive on pressure. Some work great when they have limited time to do something. Some fail (which is fine) Point is, that it helps us become stronger. 

Like every other lesson in life. Or roadblock. You get past the pressure and feel great.
Under pressure but what to do??

1. Take some time away from what is pressuring you. Even if it is just a few minutes to get some fresh air. Do it

2. Don't panic. It's ok to fail. In the end, it really won't matter.

The pressure being put on you can also tell you 'hey maybe this isn't the right path for you'. It can help you get out of a situation you don't like.
Don't let pressure define you. Don't let what you do under pressure define you. Everything will turn out ok.

That is all I have for this post today. #QOTB What are your feelings about pressure? Can it be a good thing? 

Aug 4, 2019

Top 8 Things to do When You are Stuck Inside

August 04, 2019 6 Opinions

It's raining.
It's pouring.
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed and bumped his head
and couldn't get up in the morning

When you are a kid, you don't realize how bad nursery rhymes are. Poor old man.
Not the point of this post haha.

I live in Alabama where it rains a lot. When it rains in Alabama, it pours.
So I am always stuck inside which can be a bummer. Since it's raining today, I decided to make a list of fun things you can do when it rains. 

This list includes things other than watching tv and playing video games :0 Shocking you can do other things than that, I know. So here comes some fun ideas.

1. You can play a game of cards
  Cards are a great thing to keep around for when things get boring. They are inexpensive and available at most stores

2. Play Tic Tac Toe

  A simple game but fun game. Make it harder and longer by making the # with more - lines and longer | lines 


3. Play A Drinking Game

  Make sure you are old enough. Drink every time someone loses at Tic Tac Toe

4. Take a nap

  I love sleeping with the sound of rain

5. Play Pictionary or any other board game

   Another game that involves a paper & pen. Just draw something and have the other person guess what it is

6. Think of words that are in RAINSTORM
  How many different words can you find

7. Write

 You can write what you would rather be doing than being bored, a poem about the rain or even a story

8. Bake 

 Something that you have never made before and always wanted to try

So there you have just a few things to do when you are stuck inside #QOTB What is your favorite thing to do when you are stuck indoors?? Leave it down in the comments so we can get some new ideas :)


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