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Mar 24, 2019

I Found an Amazing and Easy Craft to Try

March 24, 2019 0 Opinions

Hello friends and welcome back to my blog. 

Today we are crafting. My mom has been a big fan of Pinterest for a while now. Lately, she has been going on there and making all kinds of holiday crafts. She inspired my creative side to spark and it decided to check out what kind of crafts I would like. 

I did not find many things that really peaked my interest. One thing, in particular, did though. It was a photo of a kids craft. I decided to take it and make it my own. You can find what I am talking about here

This craft would be great as a card or just a decoration to hang on the wall or on your desk. It is a simple DIY, since like I said it was a kids craft. Since there was really no instructions, I figured to take the opportunity to put it out there on my blog. So without further talking, let's get crafting :) 

Show me your creations by tagging me on Instagram 
Not every blog or title can be 80+ on the analyzer scale. Forgive me

photo of the craft i try

Mar 18, 2019

8 Tops Ways to Tell if You Have A Toxic Friendship

March 18, 2019 49 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

  It has come to my attention that a few people are unsure of what a "friend" really means. This number of people seems to be increasing day by day.  They let these so-called 'friends' do what they want while still caring for them. That is not right. 

As a true friend, I am here to tell you some key traits that a 'friend' does not have. You may think since I am a blogger trying to get you to read, follow and subscribe to my blog that I am not a friend but I am. As a true friend, I will not scam you or take your money (unless you donate to my blog) and I will also come to your blog to follow, read, subscribe if you leave the link in the comments. 

This post is meant to help you gain insight into bad people. You deserve good people around you. I can tell you a person is bad but what you do about that person is up to you. I do hope you learn something from this. I will also be telling you what to do about these toxic people. 

What you do is up to you. I am just trying to help you realize who is toxic. 

yellow with black print

In the comments below, tell me other ways a friend or person can be toxic. 

Mar 13, 2019

4 Improved Ways To Destress

March 13, 2019 14 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

There are many various ways to relieve stress, examples include journaling, bath, nap, yoga… However, I think we should come up with some new ways. These ways above are good but tired and said in every stress post. #boring

I wrecked my brain coming up with some new ways that you may have heard or not have heard before. These I think are great tips. Some do include some exclusions which we will talk about when we get to them.

I do hope you enjoy what I came up with. Go ahead and try them to see how they work out for you.

Do you have any new ways to de-stress? Please leave it in the comments. Or you can go on Instagram with the #NewWaysToDestress If you do that, then I will follow and like a few of your posts.

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Mar 3, 2019

Ranking Mental Health Disorders

March 03, 2019 0 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog. 

  My mom has been saying everyone is 'bipolar' since their mood changes so quickly. Which annoys me since that is not the right illness she is talking about. 

Bipolar people have spouts of mood changes and they don't happen as frequent as she thinks. 

Now what I think she means is borderline personality where a person can have sudden mood changes. 

Meanwhile, this got me thinking about ranking mental illnesses as a way to help people figure out what is the worst of the illnesses. 

My list may not include all the disorders one can have since there are so many. It does include the types that most people know about. 

My main goal today is for people to realize the difference between each mental health illness. Help you learn a little more about illness and how severe they can be. 

You can go here to find various links that will talk about any disorder more in-depth. You can also go here
Read more of my Mental Health posts  here

No matter where your disorder ranks on the list, does not mean it should not be taken seriously. Any and every disorder should be taken seriously. If you do suspect that you have any illness then please get help. You can go here to find hotlines for help on any disorder you have

Did I miss something? Disagree? Bad topic? What other topics you want to see? Leave any comments or questions down below

Feb 25, 2019

How to Journal like a Pro

February 25, 2019 5 Opinions

Hey there friends and welcome to the first ever post in my new series You Need Help. Here I will be going in-depth on all sorts of topics from mental health to relationships to animals to notebook collecting. Come to think of it, I should have started with my Best Sites for Free Stuff post instead of this one but oh well.

Journal Like a Pro

I have noticed journaling has become extremely popular these days. Good reason since it is affordable, creative, stress reducing and fun. 

Since I know so many new people are starting their very first journal. I thought I would help. I never really done a journal post before so this will be the first of many. 

I have been wanting to create a journal myself. This would be pokemon related but yours, of course, does not have to be. We can go on this journey together. 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and the blog so you can see the updates for my journal also. If you would like more tips then feel free to tell me down in the comments below
Be sure to send me photos of your journal notebook so I can see. Maybe inspire some others as well. Tag me on Instagram and use #JournalSupplies

black image that says journaling 101

Feb 19, 2019

Top Tips for New Bloggers

February 19, 2019 0 Opinions

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

  It is crazy to think that I have never done tips for new bloggers post. I have learned (and still am learning) so much about blogging during my years.

These are tips for new bloggers or people who want to jump into the blogging game. Easy tips to help you get started.

I am by far the one to tell you how to gain hundreds of dollars, views or followers in your first week or even months into blogging. I can tell you for sure, that takes time and effort to do. Unless you are a popular social media star, then chances you won't gain any of this until at least 1 month or 6 months into blogging.

So if you would like to know more then please keep reading :)

If you wish to see more advanced tips then feel free to comment down below. You can also comment or like this photo ↡↡ on my Instagram 

computer flatlay


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