It's raining.
It's pouring.
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed and bumped his head
and couldn't get up in the morning

When you are a kid, you don't realize how bad nursery rhymes are. Poor old man.
Not the point of this post haha.

I live in Alabama where it rains a lot. When it rains in Alabama, it pours.
So I am always stuck inside which can be a bummer. Since it's raining today, I decided to make a list of fun things you can do when it rains. 

This list includes things other than watching tv and playing video games :0 Shocking you can do other things than that, I know. So here comes some fun ideas.

1. You can play a game of cards
  Cards are a great thing to keep around for when things get boring. They are inexpensive and available at most stores

2. Play Tic Tac Toe

  A simple game but fun game. Make it harder and longer by making the # with more - lines and longer | lines 


3. Play A Drinking Game

  Make sure you are old enough. Drink every time someone loses at Tic Tac Toe

4. Take a nap

  I love sleeping with the sound of rain

5. Play Pictionary or any other board game

   Another game that involves a paper & pen. Just draw something and have the other person guess what it is

6. Think of words that are in RAINSTORM
  How many different words can you find? 

Then think of other words that are like rainstorm like thunderstorm and do the same for those. These games make you think and can be played alone

7. Write

 You can write what you would rather be doing than being bored, a poem about the rain or even a story

8. Bake 

 Something that you have never made before and always wanted to try


So there you have just a few things to do when you are stuck inside

#QOTB What is your favorite thing to do when you are stuck indoors?? Leave it down in the comments so we can get some new ideas :)