Half Year 2020 Look back

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We have officially made it past the half-year of 2020. Insane to think of all the things that have happened in the world this year. The loss of Kobe Bryant, COVID 19 and a whole list of other things.

Since it is the middle year, i thought we could take a look at how Fablemoon Says has done. I hate doing these every month because I feel it just stresses people out. Sure some want to know how you did but others will look at it in comparison to what they did. If that person didn't do so well then they may get upset or feel blogging isn't for them. This has happened to me multiple times. So I try to avoid the monthly.

With that being said, Fablemoon Says is still growing and I know if I put in the work then it will grow even more.

Today we are looking back. Today we will discover-

Popular post
Views of the past 7 months
My favorite post of the year
Any other thing I feel important to share
My goals to the rest of 2020

So sit back and enjoy the trip to the past.

Social Media Stats

An updated view of my follower count on various social media.  Instagram has not been growing at all. Pinterest I need to work on more. Facebook I do gain followers here and there.
Overall my stats reflect what I have not done so far. I have not put in the effort to grow my social media. This is on me

fablemoon stats
Here you can see my stats for the whole year which is terrible. I should be getting 1000 views a month, not for 7 months. All on me though. If you don't put in the work then you won't see the views. 

Popular Posts

 I have been updating a lot of throwback posts like What I Wish I Knew about Self Harm 

My Favorite Post of 2020

 My top pick would be How to be Single on Valentines Day The reason being that I wrote a little story in the start

My Letter to Kobe Bryant is also a top pick. It is more personal and heartfelt

My Goals for the Rest of 2020

 I wish to get a box set by Russell Brunson which I think will improve my skills. I have the three books included in it but in order to get a workbook, you need to purchase the whole set. I also want to get other blogging books. 

 I found this website that lets you download pdf books for free. I got two Russel Brunson books off there. 
*You can help me by clicking on the ads that appear around the site*

 I just bought My SEO Workbook to improve the SEO on the site which will help generate more traffic.

  • I need to read my emails more often
  • Start working more on social media
  • Post a blog every Sunday and keep on it
  • Comment on & read  more blogs
  • Fix any issues I have with the site
  • I want to write more posts with stores. For those who don't know, I made a character to go with my blog. I have been creating various stories with her involved like my Valentines post (link above)  

I need to stop hesitating and start working harder if I ever want FBS to grow. Sometimes it is not easy since I still don't have electricity. Hopefully, soon that will change

half year review


 Stay tuned because Fablemoon Says will get better as the weeks go by. I already progressed in updating my theme. Posts will start to get better, more helpful, thoughtful and more often.

Tell me in the comments what are your goals and if you wrote any half-year look back. Leave your links to your blog and social media so I come to follow you. I wish you good luck in all that you wish to accomplish both blogging and personally.

Let's try to make 2020 better xoxo

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