Hey guys so as you know I have not posted anything new on here in over a month. So I thought I would come by and tell you what has been up.

 You know times are stressful in the world right now due to the Carona Virus.

 My issue has not had anything to do with the virus being around. As you know my mental health is not right and for a while it has just been going on a downward spiral. Like I said, nothing to do with the stress of the virus and being home (I don't go aywhere anyways).

 I have been taking time to work behind the scenes of Fablemoon Says  working on seo, backlinks and all the fun stuff. It has been a lot of work.

 I have two posts that I have been working on that is not complete.

What happens now? 

 I just have not been feeling up to working on the blog. Hopefully next week I can get a post up and things will start to look better.

Until then stay safe.
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