Easy DIY Easter Bunny Card

Various easter decorations

Have kids that are driving you crazy? Looking for a fun craft to pass the time? Well good as you are just the person who this post is right for. 

Today we are going to be making a fun, easy DIY card that anyone can do. Since it is Easter Sunday, my design will be a bunny. However, you can make whatever you want.

Crafting is all about being creative

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Since everyone is stuck inside due to social distancing and the virus, let us jump right into the post.


Colored pencils

1.  Find your image 

  We need to find what our card is going to look like. I chose the bunny below. You can choose whatever image you want. 
Easy DIY Easter Bunny Card

If you click source under the bunny, it will bring you to that website where they have a ton of different cartoon art. If you need help deciding

 2.  Cut the image out

 I, of course, traced my bunny. What I did was: 
Trace it
Cut it out
Tape it to my sheet of paper
Cut that shape
Tape it to my other sheet of paper
Cut that shape out
Take off the tape

This left me with 3 bunny shapes. It really sounds more complicated then it is. I will be using the 2 blank sheets of paper 
Cutouts of bunnies

 3.  Get to designing

Here is the fun and creative part. You get to chose the eye shale, nose, color, birthmark maybe. 

Make sure you do the back. I have a bunny so I drew a little circle on my other sheet of paper and colored it in pink. You can't really tell on the red sheet of paper but it is pink

A bunny

 4.  Write your letter

 On the front of the back paper is where you will be writing whatever you want. You can do this with a pen, marker or whatever. 

You can even glue a lined sheet of paper to the paper to make the lines even. 

For me, I chose red paper so I would have to do a black marker or pen. However, my bunny today is for decoration and am not going to be giving it to anyone so I don't have to write anything. I will put the date though

 5.  Attach the sheets

Here is where it can get tricky. You can attach the sheets with string, tape or glue depending on what you want and your design. 

For my bunny, since it had a body, what I did was put glue probably from the bottom of the paper until 2 inches. That way it can be glued but still be able to be opened. 

You can glue the heads together, bottom, string the sides together, glue the sides together. Just make sure you can open the card up

The video below shows my finished card 🐰✉️

 6.  Deliver the card

You are all done!! Now is the time to deliver the card to whoever you chose. 
See it was simple and something that can be done for all your friends. 

Easy DIY Easter Bunny Card


  Congrats on making your card!!!! I know this has been the like 10th card we have made but there are so many different cards to make. Leave a comment if you want more card designs. I know a super cute heart shape 

I know we are social distancing which delivering the card by hand can be hard. 

Pro tip- Buy a large envelope from the post office and a stamp than mail your card to whoever you chose. 

Pro pro tip- Make the card design into whatever animal or shape the person you will be handing the card to likes. This will be sure to put an extra smile on their face. You knew what they like and you made something yourself 

Be sure to tag me on Instagram with your designs. I hope you have fun crafting.

Remember to be kind, wash your hands. We can get through this pandemic and start handing these cards to people in person

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