5 Useful and Easy Skills to Learn During Isolation

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 What can we say about 2020?? That it has been horrible, a test of everyone's patience and mental health, that we wish we could turn back time to start the year over. Yes, yes and yes. 

 The world is trying to be safe staying at home whenever possible. 
Keeping your brain and yourself active during this time is essential for your well being. 

 Since many people are in isolation at this time, I decided I thought I would tell you 5 Useful and Easy Skills You Could Learn during your downtime. I got a wide variety of skills that will help at any point in your life. Skills that you will be proud to say you know. Skills that you wish you knew but never had the time. Abilities that you can learn at home. 

 So if you want to feel accomplished and less bored then keep reading. If you have kids, then these would be some great skills to teach them. 


 When you think of sewing. you think of a grandma sewing her grandkid a pair of mittens. 
Sewing strings

 Sewing is more than that. Sewing is taking a needle and thread and fixing a button that comes off of your shirt right before the big job interview. Keeping that needle and thread in your purse for when a friend needs it because she thought she could fit in a size 2 jeans. 

 Sewing is a skill that will come in handy at some point in your life. You will be glad that you took the time to learn that skill. 


 Got a new crush that loves steak but you only know how to use the microwave? Well, impress that crush (when you can be more than 6 feet close to them) with your new skill.

Try some of these recipes 

New Language

 Being fluent in more than your main language is a great skill for many reasons

1. Great for a job resume especially Spanish
2. Great if you want to impress someone of another culture
3. Great if you ever go to a foreign country and need to communicate with people
4. Learning helps the brain
Tech Times says 10 is the best age to start learning a new language so if you have kids then this would be a great skill to teach them.


Of any kind. Writing, drawing, photography. These are top skills that can earn you money

Take the time now to maybe start a blog or YouTube channel. Sure you may not have anything going on but I am sure you know something that would be useful to someone else

May I suggest some crafts via Fablemoon Says. Find some here

Computer skills- 

Technology is a huge part of the world today and will be even more in the future. So getting more informed in anything technology related will help in the long run.

There are many things you can learn like coding, SEO, programming, app making, photo editing, video editing and so much more
Hp Chromebook


 Let us not be too depressed over this whole lockdown. Instead, take some time to do things you love, spend it with people you love, spend time working on you and find some new things you love. 

 In no time. you will be an expert in everything that you have accomplished during your self-isolation. Take these skills into the real world. Showcase them to everyone you can. 

 What we need to do right now is adjust to the new world, be proud of the experience, the time alone, the time with family. Remember to take the kindness that we are learning and use it well after this is all over. Things will get better. 
 Nothing lasts forever

 What kind of skills are you going to try? What skills did I miss? Leave the answers down in the comments

Be safe and be kind today, tomorrow, always.

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  1. Cooking has been great during this isolation. I never really noticed that certain recipes were so easy to make.

  2. I’ve started learning drawing and photo editing! I figure you can always use graphic design and photo editing as a blogger. Plus drawing has always been a creative goal for me to expand on! Thanks for the options 2020 has definitely been a test in more ways than most!