Stellar Blogs to Stalk (By Niche)


 In order to run a successful blog, one must focus on two main things- SEO and backlinks.

                 Backlinks- A link from one website to an  

 As you can tell, today we are focusing on backlinks. This post will help me as well as the bloggers I link to create backlinks.

What do backlinks offer-

1. More page views
2. More comments
3. Higher Google ranking
4. Higher domain authority

  About a month ago I went on Facebook to ask people to send me the links to their blog to help with my post. The number of comments I got was overwhelming. This is why I have waited so long because this post is not the easiest to write So thank you to everyone who contributed. 

 I compiled all the links and separated them into different categories aka niche. You can easily access the links. You should be able to click on the table of contents and it should work to bring you to each niche. If it does not then please leave it in the comments telling me.

 So without further ado, let's get onto the post. Be sure to like and follow everyone on the list whom you find interesting. 


From Pain to Peace

Thrive with Janie

Louise Pistole

She's Moving Mountains

Man Fluent

The Live for Yourself

The Lone Aspie

Swift Fit

Articles of Hope

The Happiness Agreement

Put the Kettle on

Written by Dida

Will is Creative

Pure Family Essentials

Trinity Shopella


Ladies make money

The Female business

Laura's books and blogs

Adorable decoder

Passion WP

Full Circle digital


Carry on Connor

The Beauty Agenteurs


Life Upswing

Gardening with Style

North Fourthst

The Velvet Court


Escape writers

Midlife stylist

Payton on Purpose

computer that says


 Hope you enjoy following all these blogs. 
I am open to putting other links on this page so if you want your link here then either leave it in the comments with your niche or email me

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  1. This is such a generous blog posting on your part! Thanks for doing your part in helping us fellow bloggers. My website is: and I'm a lifestyle/wellbeing/happiness/mentalhealth type of a blog.

  2. Nice list! I shall bookmark it to visit more of the sites. And yes, of course I'd be honoured if you would link me as well. Best wishes from the Netherlands!

  3. I definitely waited WAY to long to focus on SEO. In reality it's one of the first things bloggers should focus on! Thanks for the helpful info.

  4. Thank you so much for including Ladies Make Money Online! You rock an I love your blog!