Pokemon Go the 2016 popular argumented reality game for mobile devices based on the beloved series Pokemon. Now I am sure you have heard of this game as it was once very popular. Since 2016, the popularity has seen a decrease but still remains a top game. 

 Journaling is a process of taking a blank notebook and filling it with things that you love. 

 Today we are combing both journaling and Pokemon Go to create a Pokemon Go journal. These are two of my favorite things plus crafting. 

Don't worry if you are not skilled at crafting, don't have a printer or play Pokemon Go. This DIY is simple and can be used for any tv show, video game or movie that you love. Basically, we are taking and just recording what has happened while we play the game

Step 1- 

  We are going to take the 2 color paper we have and cut it to the shape of our notebook. We will glue this to the front and back of the notebook. 
   The front and back don't have to be the same color. Be creative. You can also add paper to the inside of the cover if your notebook contains any print inside. 

 I will be doing purple for the front and back cover, blue for the inside, blue for the edge of the notebook. 

Step 2-

   Here is the fun part. We need to find an image of Pokemon that we like to create our cover. This you can print out or draw. I have no printer so I am going to trace and color. We will need our white sheet of paper for this. 
 To find images I suggest   Google images. You can also get printables here

I will be looking for something that says Pokemon Go. Then I also found a Togepi photo that I just traced, colored and cut out.

You can get these stickers on ebay.com That is where I got mine.

I had playing cards so I just cut a photo of Ash from there.

Step 3-

  After we have colored and printed those images, we are going to safely cut them out. Then we shall glue them onto the front and/or the back of the journal

Just like that, you are done. Congrats you have made a journal all your own!!!! See I told you that was easy. This is my finished front cover. 

I do hope you have fun creating this journal, creating the inside of the journal. If you give it to someone, I do hope they like it also


There are many things you can add to your journal. For instance-

  • Your team logo. This is the first page of my journal
  • When you started playing the game. I chose to put this under my logo on the first page of my notebook
  • Below those, I have the date of when I reached level 30. Currently, I am on level 35 but will eventually put the date of when I reach 40 (if ever)
  • List each Pokemon that is in the game by generation. I pencil in what Pokemon I don't have. The ones I caught get written in a specific color per generation like Gen 1 is pink
  • Pages for drawings/prints of your shinies
  • Team Rocket Pokemon you caught. Instead of photos, I chose to put their names in colored marker
  • Photos of the original crew aka Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu
  • Photos of Team Rocket
  • Photo and when you captured your favorite Pokemon. I have a page for Mew and Meltan whom I close to getting
  • Lucky Pokemon
  • You can write a short summary of the adventures that you have had
  • Your favorite Pokestops
  • Your first raid or gym battle win
  • I have a page dedicated to Mewtwo whom I am unable to get due to him only being in 5-star raids and me not having anyone to raid with

Not a fan of Pokemon Go? Try these tips below for your favorite game 

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Each time you pass a level then write that down. When you unlock a character, you can put a photo of them in your journal and the date. Or when you unlock a new potion
Your front cover could be of the Hogwarts tower

Rick and Morty- Pocket Morty's In this game you can unlock new Morty's so you can make a page dedicated to every Morty you get. 
Write down a summary of your battles and trades
Your front cover could be Rick and Morty


Journaling is fun especially when you journal about something you love. As you can see above, there are various ways someone could make a journal.

I love Pokemon and the game even though I am far behind for someone who has played since it started. Though I may not have as many Pokemon or shinies as other players, I still have fun writing down who I do have. When I do fill my notebook, I will be sure to make another one (I'm sure I will still be playing the game by that time. I don't see the game going away anytime soon)

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In the comments down below tell me what game you are going to create a journal for. Maybe it is a game that I will enjoy or other readers. Have fun and enjoy