What I Learned from- 13 Reasons Why

*Take caution when reading this post or watching the series. Can be extremely triggering* There may be spoiler alerts in this post

13 Reasons Why is a new teen drama on Netflix based on the best selling book. It deals with many different subjects like suicide, rape, drinking, bullying...

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Millions of people have already seen the series. I am sure you reading this have also seen it. Some of the things of the show made me have questions. I don't mean what happened to whatever character, I mean other things. To know what I mean, continue reading

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1. Waiting  Too Late to Get Help

      I noticed that it took Hannah all this time to ask for help. They don't really give a timetable of all the events but she should have went to seek help in episode 2

2. Never Trust Anyone

   This is mainly for high school students, don't trust your fellow peers. They will backstab you for popularity. 
  In adulthood, someone will backstab you for money

3. Kids are Mean

    I am so glad I graduated so long ago. I could never deal with all the things teens go through now. With all the social media 

4. The Way to Commit Suicide

   Besides not liking the fact that Hannah took so long to ask for help, it shows her whole suicide process. Not very good for a teen show when half the population of teens this day are suicidal.

Thing is, slicing your arm really is not a good way to commit suicide. In most cases it won't work since the blood will clot to quick

5. That I Should Talk to my Kids More

       No I don't have kids and yes I do know that getting teens to talk can be very hard. But I never want to ignore them. The show doesn't give the parents of Hannah any real signs that she would do what she did. They more focused on her friend listening to the tapes. 

     Some tips for parents-

1. Ask them if anything is wrong. You may not get an answer but if you assure them that you are there, then eventually they may come around

2. Pay attention to them. Monitor how they act, what they say, what they wear (long sleeves is a key)

6. You Never Know What is Really Going on in a Kids life

    Kids keep a lot of secrets. Trust me your perfect child is not so perfect. Peer pressure makes kids do things they normally would not do. 
I know when I was kid, I never told my mom about my self harm or how school was going. Heck I am 29 and still don't

That is why it is very important to try to communicate with them

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  1. These are very good lessons to learn from! Thank you for paying your attention to all this. We value your approaches and strategies!