How to Make A Successful Mood Board

  How can you reach your goals? A mood board is a good idea.

 A mood board is something you make to help put your dreams into the universe. By doing this, you are using the power of manifestation. If you put something into the universe and work hard for it then it will become a reality. That is the power of magic and manifestation.

 You can make a mood board at the end of the year for the next year, the start of the year for that year or any day of the year. You can create one for your job, personal life or any other aspect of life you want. Most people make one at the end of the year for the next year, sort of like a resolution but one that actually works. A mood board is also called a vision board because you are visualizing what you want to happen.

 Today we are discussing how to make a mood board with tips of how to make it 100% successful. I will also be showcasing my mood board for 2020. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to make your own.

 Let's get on with the post
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How to Make a Mood Board


Cardstock paper
Magazine clips
Photos of what you want to do/ accomplish 
Quotes to help motivate you
Anything that will inspire you to work on your goals

  1. Arrange all your photos, quotes and magazine clips onto the cardstock paper neatly
  2. Glue them on the cardstock paper
  3. Decorate the board to make it look more cute and motivating
  4. Hang it up where you can see it every day 

Some Tips

 Tip 1- Make sure when creating a Mood Board, you choose a big enough canvas. This way you won't run out of room. Best bet is construction paper the big ones they make for school art projects. 
You can, of course, make a mood board on your phone. They have Apps that you can use or even photo collage websites like

 Tip 2- Cut photos from magazines, print them from or other websites and find things anywhere like books
 You can add some fun decorations like stickers, washi tape, background, colored paper... Anything you find pleasing that will help you be more attracted to look at the board. 
Don't worry about not having a printer since there are stores like CVS and Walmart that allow you to print photos there

  Tip 3- Add a central quote for how you wish the year to be. This can also be a word

 Tip 4- Make sure to add the year date

 Tip 6-  Be sure to add simple goals that are easy to achieve. Dressing better for me is not wearing pajama shirts outside. I want to wear nice shirts. I will still wear shorts since that is what I like to wear but I want to dress them up more

 Tip 7- If you can't find the right photo, draw it. You can also add quotes that speak to you or say what you want to accomplish 

Tip 8- Add some hard goals to reach. This will give you extra motivation

Tip 9- On a sheet of paper write down the things that you put on the mood board and how you will go about getting these goals achieved. 
 Ex- Backstreet Boys Concert
    January 4th- Put $50 away 
    Need $500 more to be able to get meet & greet tickets

Each time I save money, I will write it down. Then I will write down the next goal I want to achieve. This will help you be able to keep track of your progress. 
I created an 8 row, 3 column table in which you can print out so you can keep progress that way. Find that here 

Tip 10- If you can not find cardstock paper, then you can always write your goals on a sheet of paper and put that somewhere that you can see. Make it colorful by writing the year date in color

Tip 11- Imagine that you already have what you want. Mood boards are about manifesting yes but it is also about 'the law of attraction' What you put into the universe is what you get. This is true in all aspects of life. You are nice so you attract nice people. So image what you put on your mood board as coming true, work hard for it and you are guaranteed that you will have success 


  My 2020 Mood Board

This year I decided to make my mood board simple, fewer photos and more text.

 You can see my mood board is a mess this year. I mainly put medical things like going to the therapist and eye doctor. 
Since I did not finish all my things I put on my mood board 2019, I put that on this one. Last year I think I may have done 4 things that I wanted to accomplish 

Really you don't need to make a beautiful mood board, as long as you can see what you wrote every day and know what you need to work for then it is fine.  


 Making a mood board is really simple and fun. You don't have to be creative to make one. All you need is some goals and materials. Just remember, nothing in life comes simple. A mood board may be magic but nothing works unless you put in the effort

You can watch this video for more information. 

Jesus said the Father already knows what we need before we ask (Matt. 6:32). He also knows our desires. But He still requires that we ask Him for those things. James 4:2 says, "Ye have not, because ye ask not." God expects us to ask

Habakkuk 2And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
3For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie

Go out and make your dreams a reality. I wish you all the success with your dreams. 

What is your #1 goal you wish to accomplish?? Tell me in the comments

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  1. I will try these advice for my mood board and I’ll make a blog post about it. Thanks for sharing your ideas. My mood board looks very messy these days hehe.