How My Blog Did in 2019

 2020= start of a new year and start of a new decade.

Before we ring in 2020, we must take a look back at 2019 and the decade that was.

Today we are looking into Fablemoon Says and how it did the past year, my goals for the new year and even a little back story.

  2019 when was I discovered what kind of blog I truly wanted. A writing, mental health, lifestyle. One where I can share what I learned, what I am still learning,  one that can help inspire others to learn and one where others feel like they belong. While still creating stories from my mind. Stories that have meaning. Stories that people can connect to.

 For the decade, I may have had 10 different blogs. All with different names and different niches. None that I felt connected to and none that lasted longer than a few months.

 With Fablemoon Says, I can take what I did with those blogs and merge them.

 I learned to let go of what other bloggers may be earning. To be happy for them but not to compare me. Sure I do have times where I feel jealous of others' success in such short times.
Then I think, you know what as long as I have an outlet for what I want to say and it is not bottled up inside, then I am good. Less stress on myself to keep my thoughts inside. With my social anxiety, sometimes it is good that I don't have 10,000 people a month reading what I write.
 If I can help 1 person with every post I write then my goal is met.

So let's look at Fablemoon Says stats-

 We begin with what I am most proud of. This is not one I wrote the best but one that I think is the most important-

I made $36 in Google ads. I did not display any other affiliate program ads.

My 2020 Blogging Goals 

  • Plan future content as well as draft and schedule
  • Increase Page Views
  • Write longer posts
  • Add better photos
  • Keep learning about blogging and seo
  • Get more views
  • Comment on more blogs
  • Pin more
I got a planner that will help me write down ideas, know when I spend money promoting and when I post.


 This year I am going to take Fablemoon Says more seriously. Work harder at making it a successful business. I really do hope this is my year that I can be what kind of blogger I want to be.

 I do wish this year is also great for you blogging.

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Thank you everyone who has followed me, subscribed and read Fablemoon Says. I appreciate you and you make me happy

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