4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Decorating Skills

  On the first day of blogmas my true love gave to me, a few decorating tips. Yup, true love knew how stressed holidays can be. With the planning, shopping and insane family members either coming over or staying at your house. Nightmares.

 Welcome to blogmas 2019 friends!!!! Like I said holidays are extremely stressful.  So I am here to help it anyway I can. Luckily, my tips here can be applied to any decorating event. It will improve your skills so you can be the talk of the event. People will wonder how long it took you when in reality, it was easy

Color Scheme

   We want to make sure our colors do not clash with each other. Neutral colors like white and black work well with almost any colors. 

 A green Christmas tree with purple garland and a bunch of brown decorations will just look odd. Try gold or silver instead. 

Simple is Better

   Normally I am all for over the top, a million things at once but when it comes to decorating, simple is better. I don't mean your whole house has to be simple. I mean to make sure you don't clutter one space with a million different things. 


Take this photo for example, although it may seem good in a photo, it appears to be too much in one small area. Look at all the snowman in shelf 5 :0 We more a few of them to the top shelf and it will make things look better. 

Think Outside the Box

 What makes decorating fun? The ability to make it your own. Take the photo above. The Santa and reindeer can be hung on the wall, from the ceiling, going to the chimney or tree... Any place imaginable.

 What will set you apart from the others and make people talking is thinking outside the box. You can add a backdrop, string, glitter or anything else. 


 I really wanted to include a 4th tip but really could not think of any. Flowers are always a good option though. What is great about flowers is that you can change them up for the seasons or holidays. 

 Red and green for Christmas. Colorful for spring. Red and pink for Valentine's.  
For Halloween, you can spray paint your flowers black and orange since I know black is hard to find. 

Fake or real. It does not matter as it adds an extra flair to any decorations.

So there you some easy ways to improve your decorating skills. I do hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to leave a comment down below of which of these tips are your favorite or if you have any other tips. 
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A new post will be up Wednesday for Blogmas so make sure you come view that :)


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  1. Decoration and skills around that always seem to get soooo much better with practice don't they? :)

  2. I think deciding on your color scheme is a crucial first step. From there, everyone else is just a bit easier. I also agree that simpler is better.