Easy Diy Pop Up Card

If there is one thing I love, it is sending people personalized cards. Call me old-fashioned, but I love an actual paper card giving. I know there is a ton of electronic cards online but I feel it is not the same. When I was younger, I would always make my mom a birthday card. I never had the money so it was easy to do since I had all the materials at home. She loved it even more than the gifts, had I bought her something.

Nothing says I Love You or Appreciate You then a personalized card!!

I have made is my goal to start making more personalized cards or popup cards. Maybe even start an online shop of personalized, popup cards ;)

The great thing about this DIY is that the cards can be for all year round. Not just for Christmas, you can make one for Valentine's, Halloween, birthday... The choice is really up to you. Oh, you know what would be fun, a photo popup card. No, we are not doing that here, just an idea of all the cards you can make with this simple tutorial.

Like all my other Diy's, this is really easy to make. I want to keep things simple but fun. Ok, shall we get on to crafting??

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Step 1

  I am going to take my purple sheet of paper and fold that in half. I will do the same for my brown sheet of paper. 

Since I want my brown sheet of paper to be a tad bit smaller than my purple sheet, I will cut of just 1 centimeter on the bottom and top. 

Step 2-

   I will then cut 2 slits in off my brown sheet of paper in the middle. Making sure they are about 1 inch apart. This will form the tab to add your art. Cut a bigger or wider slit depending on your art. 

Then you should fold that tab inward

 See examples below

I had to cut my slit about 3 inches long
christmas craftcraft    

I will then glue my brown sheet of paper on my purple sheet. You can see from the example above that I used tape since I did not have glue. 

Step 3-

   I will then figure out what art I want to use. For this, I chose to do a Santa face  I traced him using my white sheet of paper, I colored him in and cut him out. 

popup card


Step 4-

  This step will be the tricky one as we are attaching Santa to the tab. We take Santa and glue him to the middle to the tab.

This is why I needed to make my tab just a bit longer. I kind of made him a bit too big

Step 5-

   Now you just decorate your card. Get creative with this. Add glitter, stickers, a sweet quote... This is the part that I always loved about making cards. 

Go gift it to someone or even keep it for yourself


  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and had as much fun as I did creating it. Good luck and Have fun

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