Easy DIY Decoration for Young Kids

  Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

  I love crafts especially Christmas related ones. Here I have a craft that will bring your family together. The little ones will have fun with this one.
What is great is that you can do this every year to see how your kids have progressed.

Since I am really not good at intros, we are just going to get on with this craft

What you need:
Construction paper
A little kid

Step 1-

  We gather our kid and trace their hand on a sheet of paper.

   Protip- Chose a color of paper that will not clash with the color of your Christmas Tree. Green paper would be good for trees other than green. I chose white for a green tree. You want to be able to see this decoration and proudly display it

 Step 2- 

 Have the kid make the hand their own by coloring it, adding stickers or anything they like 

Step 3-

 Cut the hand out. 
 Using the scissors, make a small tear at the wrist. This way you can add your string. 

   Protip- Add the kid's name and age to the back of the hand

Step 4- 

  Tie the string to the hand 

Step 5-

 Hang the hand upon the tree. 

  Protip- Every year do this fun craft and hang all the hands on the tree. Sure your tree may loom weird with so many hands but it will be a reminder of how your kid has grown during the years.

Thus ends Blogmas 2019. I wanted to make sure it was not every day, all in your face. Scattered around was the best I could think of. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I will see you next Sunday for a year-end post.

So that was quick and easy, right? This is what we need in order to keep a kid's attention these days. So go gather a kid and have them craft with you. You both will have a blast.
Will you be doing this craft with your kid??
If you do then show me a photo on Instagram  with #fablemoonsays

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