Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

 You may remember that last blogmas I did an Easy DIY PopUp Card which was a blast to make. This year, I wanted to redo it by making the card a little more cute and creative. I have been thinking of this craft for a while now. I figured the best time to share it would be now during blogmas so you can make and gift to your friends this holiday season.

 As always, this card is highly personalized, creative and can be sent out for any occasion.

What You Need:
Card stock paper
Craft Paper

Step 1-

   Fold your paper in 3 sections

Step 2-

  Take your craft paper and outline a section for it to fit in the middle of your card stock paper. 
  Cut the craft paper 


 I made my card popup. I traced a design out using the leftover craft paper. 
Cut that out. 
Cut 2 inches off the other craft paper. Folded that accordion style.
Clued those pieces together.
Glued the bottom of the accordion paper to my craft paper I would be applying to my card stock paper.   

Step 4-

  Take your craft paper and glue it on your card stock paper

Step 5- 

Design the rest of your card. 

Above you can see my final version and what my star came out to be :( I know protip- instead of using the rest of your craft paper to make a design, chose another color or design. My mistake

 I do hope you guys enjoyed this craft and it made sense to you. Comment down below what shape you made. You can show me your cards by tagging #fablemoonsays on Instagram

I will see you Friday with another Blogmas post. Be sure to comment, share and follow me on my social medias.