*I am in no way sponsored by any of the following sites. I found them all by Google because I love getting free things in the mail. Wish they were sponsored but nope*

   Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

 Call me old fashion but I love getting things in the mail. Something about opening packages just makes me feel like it is Christmas. It excites me not knowing what date my package will arrive. When I order multiple things, not knowing which will show up first. It brings me joy. 

  If you are old fashion like me then you will love this post. I have dug deep into the internet to find sites where you can get free things in the mail. 

*Sometimes these sites take forever for the things to come. It does make it a surprise but still can take 30days or so. Some other sites, you may not get the sample you put in for so be cautious of that when putting it in.*

These first sites are those where you request the samples and they may or may not give them to you. This all depends on price, stock and a few other various reasons.

Now, this website you can only request 5 samples in a 90day period.  Those samples must be under $7 each. Since they have a great selection of products, it's really not that hard to find what you like. Hard to figure out which ones to get. 

Protip- Use various email address to get even more samples

Blue notebook

This site I found from just Google free samples. They gave me a catalog where you can see various products they have.

With this site, I have requested some samples and have not got them. That like I said could be for many reasons. However, so far I have gotten a good amount of products. 

Protip- this came in brown, I just decorated it with journal things myself

Note- Now you have to have a business address for this site. A normal address won't work even if you have a blog as a business. 

This is the site where I found out about 4Imprint. Just click on their links to go to a different website, add your information and Bam free stuff. 

I have gotten a year subscription of Sports Illustrated, female pads, toilet paper holders, Kind Bars and more from this site

9/10 for a rating 

Keep an eye out for free sample ads. I have gotten a free sample of toothbrushes, toothpaste, perfume. 

Be warned- Some of the 'free samples' you actually have to pay to ship. If you keep a close eye, then you will find the ones with free shipping


 Just like Facebook, if you keep an eye out on Instagram then you are bound to get free samples. This is how I get all my perfume samples

Various sample perfumes
Various perfumes I got. My favorite is the Versace in Bright Crystal which is the pink one

Free Samples by Mail

 Another great website where you can put in for samples and they will come in a while

View Points

 Here you can sign up to get free samples for reviews. Some may not come by others will

So there you have a few of the websites I get free samples from. If you have any other sites then feel free to leave it in the comments.
I will see you next Sunday