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Oct 6, 2019

# mental health

How To Prevent Racism and Bullying

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

  Racism and bullying has become an epidemic in our world today. Like the Black Death, it is known to kill. Truth is, guns and bullying happen to be the cause of 90% of all gun/terrorist activity. *Not fact checked*

 I know this is a sensitive topic for everyone however, Fablemoon Says talks about mental health issues. This has a huge impact on mental health issues as it effects everyone from age 1-110. It can even have an effect on animals. Yes, animals are subject to bully and a form of racism.

 We can make a change to improve the world we live in. It starts with ourself and then helping the future generation.

  I have searched the internet, researched people and found the best tips that will help prevent racism and bullying. So please do be sure to keep reading. Share with people who you think needs some help

I am not saying this will stop racism and bullying as a whole but it is a start. My hope is people will see you implement these tips and it will motivate them to make a change

Be the change

Do- Teach your kids the dangers about bullying and racism

Don't- Teach your kid then do it yourself 

   Young kids are influenced by what is around then including media and people they know. They see someone they admire doing something and they think it is ok. 

 Parent "Why did you bully Johnny? I thought I taught you better?"

 Kid " I saw you bully Jeff, daddy so I thought it was ok. I want to be like you"

 Just be careful what you say and do as kids are always watching your actions

Do- Teach your kids to tell an adult if they see racism or bullying

Don't- Be one of those parents who condem their kid for telling on someone


Don't- Give into peer pressure

Do- The right thing

 I want to redirect you to this video from The Ellen Show where a kid bullied another kid but then went home realized what he did wrong. The next day, he gave the kid he bulled an apology and some clothes

 Chances are this kid was bullying the other due to peer pressure. Know that you don't have to do anything you don't want to. If your friends pressure you into anything then they really are not your friends. 

 I am not saying you have to buy the kid new clothes but an apology would be nice

Do- Go over and ask if the kid needs help

Don't- Ignore the situation

  Imagine yourself being in the situation, you would want someone to stand up for you and ask of you need help. This could change someone's life. Just knowing someone else cares for them when everyone else is against them. You could be the reason this kid goes home and doesn't take their own life

A friendly 'Are you ok?' goes a long way in a person's life

 Like I said earlier, make sure to get the kid help and tell someone older

Do- Know that we are all bones underneath our skin

Don't- Judge someone based on skin color

  This goes for adults also. We don't choice what skin color we get. We are born that way. 
What our ancestors did in the past, is not who each of us are today. Most of us has learned that what they did was bad. We are trying to change the future by learning from our past. 
You are not who your ancestors were. You have the right to be different. 

 Do you have any other tips that could help our world with this problem? Please be sure to share this, comment 'No Bully' 
Be the change. We can live in a better world. Bullying and racism must end 

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  1. I think it's important as parents that we teach by example, and even 'joking' comments that could be construed as racism or bullying can affect our kids. Subtle nuances are often lost on our kids and if they think we are bullying they'll think it's ok for them to do it. For this reason I'm always careful of 'banter' in front of the younger members of my family.


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