How to Have the Best End of the Year

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog.

 As 2019 quickly comes to an end, we start looking back at what we accomplished during the year. Did you accomplish what you want?? Then take this as a sign that there is still time.

If you did accomplish what you want or are looking for something new to do to get out of your boring life, then you came to the right place.

Today we are talking about a few things you can do before the year is over. That is just 10weeks away. These are simple things that you can do in a short time. Things that won't interrupt your holiday plans. Things that you may be able to show off to family and friends during the holidays.

So come take a trip with me and see what you would like to do before 2020. Maybe you can get some inspiration for your New Years' resolution instead. I don't know, we shall see. Let's go!!

Redecorate one of your rooms

  Why not start 2020 with a whole new look at one of your rooms. If you are like me then you hate changing up anything that has to do with your house. However, there are always small tasks that you can do that will make a huge difference.

  Hang something new like a painting
  Change the color of the curtains
  Get some funky light bulb colors
  Get some plants or flowers

Go somewhere new

  This does not have to be a new city, it can be a new restaurant or park. Go out and explore your own city. I live in Montgomery, Alabama so there are always new things to do like going to the zoo, the Rosa Parks Museum or even the Museum of Fine Arts.

 Do a Google search on your city and you are bound to find new things to do or places to visit
Reasons to have a staycation

Learn something new

  Is your resolution to learn something new? Then get a head start. Explore your talents in other areas of life. I always wanted to learn French so I got a French for Dummies book

Don't be afraid to fail

Get a new wardrobe

  Why stop at changing your house when you can change your style also. A new style will get you out of the holiday slump, the winter blues. Make you feel fresh and ready to take on 2020 and everything else

Look at your past year goals

  Did you want to do anything in 2019 or earlier that you have yet to do? Maybe you wanted to do something as a child and never got around to it? Well now is your time to shine. It is never too late

Take time to yourself

 If there is one thing that will make any year, month or day better, it is taking some time for yourself. Have some alone time to be with yourself. Rethink what you want in life. What you truly desire. What you wish people would remember you for. Find a connection with yourself. 

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So there you have it, folks. Some great ways to end 2019 in you ask me. 
What are you looking forward to in 2020?
What will you miss about 2019?

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  1. Catherine Shane CabuhatOctober 14, 2019

    These are awesome ideas to make our year happy. I'd love to travel in some beautiful place and to make new recipes. Also to have time for myself, that's the best way for me.

  2. My mom loved to change things up and did it all of the time. I am in the middle of you and her, and only like to change things up every now and again.

  3. So many great tips! I can’t believe 2019 is almost over. I definitely plan to end the year with a bang!

  4. I kind of wish I had accomplished more in 2019. but I am looking forward to a great new year for sure!

  5. Great tips! I'm taking some time to look at my accomplishments over the year to make sure I'm feeling positive as we come closer to the end of 2019.

  6. Thank you for these tips! Looking forward to a new year.