How to Not Violate Other Peoples Limits

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  Today we are talking about other people. You may not realize this but other people have feelings. We all have boundaries even other people.

Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them and how they will respond when someone passes those limits. 

 We as other people must obey these boundaries as if they were our own. Not obeying them could have serious effects including staring an argument and triggering someone's mental health issues. Now we don't want to do that to someone. So it is best to learn how to obey the limits of others. 

 So without any further chatting about basic nonsense, I shall get onto this post. 

Don't pressure someone into sharing more than they want to

   This really should be obvious since you never want to pressure anyone anyways. There are times when we keep bothering someone into telling us about how they feel emotionally or mentally. Or keep bothering them into telling us something that happened to them. Maybe this person does not feel safe sharing this information right now. This is ok. Give them time. They may tell you or they may not. That is really their choice. 

Ask permission before you vent or unload your feelings

  A simple 'Is this a good time to talk' or 'Can I tell you something' goes a long way. Maybe the person is feeling the same way as you and finds it difficult to share or compress their feelings. 
 You always have to take into consideration how others feel. It can sure hurt when they say no especially if they vent to you often. Just remember maybe they have a reason for saying no. You can find someone else who will listen to you or wait until that person is ready. 

Pay attention to body language

  If someone is on the brink of crying then be sure to stop whatever you are talking about. Ask them if everything is ok, This may cause them to say yes and you may think it is ok to continue but they probably are lying. It is better to change the subject 

Don't offer someone advice unless you have permission

 I can attest to this one since apparently saying 'you deserve better' is a bad thing. It is their life and they have the right to make choices even if you believe that what they are doing is bad. They will learn in the end if they need to. You need to allow them to learn the lesson. It can be hard when all you want is what is best for them. However, want you think is best for them may not be.


Ok, so there you have it. Did I miss anything? 
#QOTD What is a sure way to tell when someone is about to violate your limit? 



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