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Death is hard. Buying a casket shouldn't be. Morbid I know.

The Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), makes it possible for you to choose only those goods and services you want or need and to pay only for those you select, whether you are making arrangements when a death occurs or in advance.

What does that even mean?

This allows you to compare prices among funeral homes, and makes it possible for you to select the funeral arrangements you want at the home you use. You can call the homes about prices without even going to see the caskets.

The funeral home must give you a statement listing every good and service you have selected, the price of each, and the total cost before the final purchase of your desired casket

You have the right not to get your desired product at the funeral home.
If a funeral home were to refuse a casket brought in from the outside the penalty enforced by the FTC can be a fine upwards to as much as $30,000.

Caskets Los Angeles
With Same Day Caskets it isn't. Same Day Caskets allows you to shop for cheap coffins and caskets from the comfort of your own home.

Same Day Caskets offers a wide selection of wood caskets, metal caskets, and oversize caskets. For a little extra, you can even get your casket personalized by having special words on the outside, special fabric on the inside and even flowers

If you order by 10:00 a.m. and live within a 120 mile radius of Los Angeles, you’ll receive delivery on the same day, completely free of charge. You can take the unnecessary hassle of pre-ordering the casket days ahead of the ceremony.
Caskets are typically designed to accommodate a body of 100-300 pounds and no more than 6-feet 6-inches in height. Over-sized and petite caskets are available to accommodate other size requirements and may be more expensive accordingly.
So if you live in the Los Angeles community, say goodbye to funeral home directors trying to take advantage of getting more money out of you. And shop at the comfort of your own home, at your own pace with Same Day Caskets

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