New and Improved Ways to Make Someone Feel Great

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog :)

   When we see our friends or someone else in a bad mood, we want to come to their rescue. Sometimes knowing what to do to put them in better spirits can be difficult. 

   Saying the wrong thing can make things even worse. Maybe they are not the type of person who likes hugs or wants affection. So what are you to do to make the person feel better? When you want to help someone but are scared of their reaction. Have no fear since I am here to help. I am a person who does not want a hug. My mom is the type of person where you can say the wrong thing and it makes things 10times worse. 

With that being said, let us get on with the post.

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Give them space

  The best advice my mom ever gave me was 'if there is an argument going on, have both people go in separate rooms to cool off'. 

   This applies to people who are even having a rough day. Let them be until they are ready to talk. You never want to force anything even if you just want to help. 

 Tell the person 'I would love to make you feel better but if you need your space right now, then that is fine' 

Listen/ Be there for them

   Communication is key to any relationship, friendship, workplace... The best thing someone can do is listen.

  Let the person vent, be a shoulder for them to cry on and just be there for them. When the time is right, you will know when to input something.

  Or something else that comes from the heart. Sometimes words can be better said putting it in writing. This is sure to put a smile on anyone's face.
 Surprise them with this kind gesture. It does not have to be a card. You can make them a playlist, a poem, send them a dozen flowers or better yet, give them food. 

Take them out to their favorite place

   Take them shopping, take them to get a coffee. Take them to somewhere you know they love or someplace where they have been wanting to go.

  If you see someone on the street in a bad mood and want to help them then give them some money. This will help the person be able to get what they need

Watch Movies

  Sometimes just ordering out and staying in to binge on movies is the best remedy for almost anything. Go to their place with some of their favorite fast food and a pile of their favorite movies.

  Instead of talking about drama, just watch the movies and relax. Let the cries come out, the laughter and the good times. No need to do anything fancy.
It is the little things that put a smile on someone's face the most

Do something they love

  If they want to craft then craft with them. Maybe they want to punch a pillow or go for a walk. Be sure to ask what they want to do

Hopefully, these tips do you some good. Is there anything I missed that you would like to add. How do you cheer someone up?  Be sure to check out some resources if you find your friend needs some extra help

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