What Matchmakers Should Do


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Finding love can be hard. Which is why sometimes we need some help. That is where a matchmaker comes in. A matchmaker is someone who will help match you with a potential mate. This person can either be professional, friend or even a website like dating sites uk or WeLoveDates

I have to say though, that if I were a matchmaker then I would do things a bit differ. 
What would you do different?? Leave that answer down in the comments

1. I would name my site or business 'Love by the Moon' 
*Note- I am not sure if this name is taken or not. I am not actually going to use this name. I am just telling you what I would do. What name I would want my site to be like*

2. I would take on all kinds of people. Any sexual orientation, color of skin, religion, any income... No one would be off limits (besides child predators, wanting to date animals) 

3. It would be one on one.  No other clients besides the one I am trying to find love for. That way I can focus my time on helping this person. Make the person not a number, a money sign or anything like that. 

4. My client and I would meet for coffee or lunch. That way I can learn what their interest are, dislikes and all that stuff. 

5. I would be real with my client. Tell them what they need to hear. Tell them if they are being too picky or not picky enough. Honesty is the best policy. 
Honest without being too harsh. 

I want to not make them have false hope that this will work out. It might not. One can try a matchmaker then wind up finding love on their own. Or the matchmaking may not work. Which is fine because when the time is right, you will find love. Maybe the time is not right. 
Not because my 'skills' are lacking or you need to do something different or find some other Matchmaker. No, because life has a funny way of doing things

6.  A background check on all clients and their potential mate. That way I can know if they are being honest with me. I don't want to set someone up with a person who committed a horrible crime. I also don't want to work with one who did either

This background check would also be on me to give to my clients. That way they know who is trying to set them up. 

7. I would be sure to not charge so much. Not many people can afford to spend $30 to find love. Nor should they have to spend that much to find love.
It would be free with a $10 charge if there is a 2cd date. 

8.. I would set my client up with one person at a time. Sites normally show you 40 different people and expect you to choose from them based on a photo. I don't think that is how it should work. Narrow down who the person should meet. 
Have the person meet one person then another if that date does not work out. 

Many online sites don't do most of these things. 
There are websites for various types of people but there are none for all types of people. 
Websites fail to background check which is why it can be scary sometimes. You never know if you are talking to the person they say they are or a completely different person. 
Many sites charge a lot of money. 

That is all I have for this post here today  I do sure hope you enjoyed it. It is always fun imagining what you woild do different in business. You never know, maybe I will get into matchmaking haha.
We all deserve love. If you try a dating site or matchmaker then just be careful. If it fails you then that is fine. Like I said, you will find the love you deserve. 
You can check out my post to be sure you are not dating someone toxic by clicking here

*I have included a printable full of questions for you and your potential mate to answer. You both must answer the same questions and be as truthful as possible. My hope with this is to make your date a little less stressful. Hopefully from this you guys will find something in common. Hopefully it won't totally wreck the date. So be sure to get that by clicking here *

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