Dating for Friendship


Hey friends and welcome back to my blog. Today we shall be diving into this quote i found that I love. It has me thinking of life and our pursuit of love. Summer is close and many of us will be looking for that summer fling“

We love because it’s the only true adventure.”Nikki Giovanni

What does this quote mean to you?

To me it means that love is an adventure. Which is very true. It can be an adventure of fun and happiness. Or one of heartbreak and lessons.

We go on casual nostringsdating net for fun and to find if another person is compatible with us. We don't relize that we could be finding a best friend instead of a lover.

We can imagine many movies having plots like this. In the movie 'Grease'  Danny and Sandy find each other on summer vacation and have a little fling. Once summer is over, they imagine that their fling was to be over. Well they were wrong. We see them meet up in high school when Sandy transfers. The summer fling eventually turns out to be a lasting love and friendship between the two.

Then we have the movie 'No Strings Attached,' casual sex dating between friends. That is all it was supposed to be but then the friends wind up falling for each other. This shows that we can find love in unexpected ways. Between someone whoum we never thought was possible.

Causal dating can lead to a relationship that ends with nothing but friendship. I am reminded of the show 'Friends' where Joey and Rachel are friends, date and become friends again. 

It can happen if a breakup is mutual.. and there is no hard feelings.  You may be saying 'yeah to the lucky ones' Which is very true. You have to have a great friendship in the start to be able to be friends after a breakup. It can happen though.

There are twist and turns in love just like in any adventure. Opening up your heart to another is one of the most terrifying yet rewarding thing a person can do. It is an adventure of digging deep in the soul to relize that you deserve love.  You can go in to find love then come out with a best friend. You can go in and find heartbreak like never before. There is no map or book to guide you or tell you if it will work with John.

You, your soul and your heart go on this adventure alone. You have to decide wether or not to take the risk. No one should tell you who to date. It is your life and you adventure to go on. It is you lesson to learn. That ks what is great about adventures, no matter what it is there is always a lesson to be learnt.
I love where things teach you a lesson.
I guess what I have to offer for you on this post is to remind you to Have Fun when dating. It is an adventure that we all take. Even animals have their way of dating.
Don't go into a date thinking that it end in one or 2 ways. Since a date can end in many ways. You just have to be open to taking the adventure. Hopefully this post made sense and was not just a bunch of gibberish.

Here is to you finding love, happinesses and enjoying the adventure of life. See you next time.

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  1. Love is truly an adventure. It can only happen if we're willing to take the risk and jump on it.

  2. Love this quote! Love really is an adventure, whether it be amazing and thrilling, safe and casual, or heartbreaking and tragic! It's a journey either way!

  3. I do believe is a beautiful adventure and journey of life. We just need to trust and have faith to the person that we love to make it last.

  4. This was an interesting post to read. Love is def. a risk but when it is true it's well worth it.

  5. Interesting read. It's always good to learn new things about relationships, thanks so much for your insights. Will keep my eyes peeled for more articles like this x

  6. Love is a trule roller coaster - it contains such a range of emotions - euphoria , happiness , sadness , heart break - yet the whole experience even if it leads to a heart break is beautiful for me - love is so complex that allow us to experience so many emotions

  7. Relationship according to me is best defined as a time when you feel a person who's turning to be ‘your' world. The day that person feels you to be his world. And your journey out to the time when you make these two different worlds into one.

  8. I would hate to be dating in this day and age. I met my husband at work

  9. Ah lovely post. Love is such an amazing but crazy adventure!!

  10. This is so true. Before I met my husband, I dated a guy for about a year. We mutually decided to break off our romance because it was clear we were really just good friends trying to make it be something else.

  11. Love is so crazy! It makes you feel, say, and do all sorts of crazy things. Its def worth the ride though

  12. I love this quote and I agree. Love in all it's forms is the reason we live and keep going. It gives us hope.

  13. Yeah LifestyleMay 29, 2019

    Dating can certainly end in a variety of ways, I agree. Sometimes you meet the one, sometimes you meet a friend, sometimes you meet someone you will never talk to again. It all depends on compatibility I suppose.

  14. There are many twists in turns when it comes to love, but it can be a wonderful ride with the right person. Thanks for these insights.