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 So it's no secret that the world loves money. Money is the source of all things in life. The source of the good and the evil.

Which brings us to know that it is no secret that money stresses a person out. What happens when that stress of money conquers your mind 24/7 causing your world to go insane??

That my friend is called Money Anxiety which is a very real form of standard anxiety. One which more and more Americans are dealing with these days.

   You worry about:

Gifts during the holidays
Money for other things you want 
Vacations example

I know all this because my mom has it. The constant not being able to sleep, smoking more than usual, not eating.. It pains me to see her this way since I know I can't help since I don't have a ton of money either.  I care about money but I don't have the anxiety on this issue like many do. However, I can help due to my research in finding out how I can help my mom out a bit. So keep reading if you would like to see the tips I got. 

What are the symptoms of Money Anxiety?? 

Basically, they are no different than anxiety. May vary between people. Some symptoms include:

1. Constant worry about money
2. Lack of sleep/ More sleep
3. Panic when thinking of money
4. Talking about money and the issues you face

If you know someone with the above symptoms then there are ways you can help as a friend-

1. Try not to put any stress on them
2. Don't talk about money
3. Offer to help pay for something
4. Be there for them

What can you do if you suffer from Money Anxiety?? 

1. Seek help from a Therapist and Financial Advisor 

The therapist will help you find the cause of your issues. They can also give you tips on how to take your mind off the money. 

The financial advisor will help you gain control of your money

Bank Rate is a great site for finding more information about findinga credit agency that is affordable and accredited 

2. Find why you are Stressed

There are ways to find why you are stressed if you don't have time to visit a therapist 
 A. Debt
B. Future worries

3. Make a Budget

Let's face it, financial advisors can cost more money bringing in more stress. 

A sample of a budget that you can make on your own. Feel free to print or use as a guide for your own 

4. Buy a budget planner

  This semi goes along with #3. I have found using a budget planner is a great tool for helping ease stress.
I got this one from Amazon (not sponsored) What I love is that I can write down what I need to pay monthly, when and how much. I can also track my daily spending with the weekly planner

5. Try to take your mind off of the stress by doing something you love that is free. 

Go to the beach or pool
Hang with your family
Read a book

You can also view my '4 New Ways to Destress' Post by clicking here

6. Put extra change away

    If you have a few cents left over from a bill, then put that away. Even if it like 50cents. You save 50 cents a day, then you will have $15 at the end of the month. That $15 can go toward buying something that you have your eye on

Money is not everything

 I know we need money for most things in life, but having money and getting money should not be your main focus in life. Be sure to enjoy the free things like friends, nature, animals, the fresh air. In the end, you will look back on the good times you had, if you lived life fully. You will not look back at how much money you have. Not to mention, in death, we all have the same amount of money $0 A little morbid but I do hope you get what I am trying to say :)

Good luck