Ranking Mental Health Disorders

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  My mom has been saying everyone is 'bipolar' since their mood changes so quickly. Which annoys me since that is not the right illness she is talking about. 

Bipolar people have spouts of mood changes and they don't happen as frequent as she thinks. 

Now what I think she means is borderline personality where a person can have sudden mood changes. 

Meanwhile, this got me thinking about ranking mental illnesses as a way to help people figure out what is the worst of the illnesses. 

My list may not include all the disorders one can have since there are so many. It does include the types that most people know about. 

My main goal today is for people to realize the difference between each mental health illness. Help you learn a little more about illness and how severe they can be. 

You can go here to find various links that will talk about any disorder more in-depth. You can also go here
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No matter where your disorder ranks on the list, does not mean it should not be taken seriously. Any and every disorder should be taken seriously. If you do suspect that you have any illness then please get help. You can go here to find hotlines for help on any disorder you have

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    The worst based on how much a person can lose touch with the real world, cause harm to themselves or others-

Bipolar Disorder

The worst based on suicide rates-

Substance abuse 

On the basis of Borderline vs Bipolar Disorder- 

 While there is a connection to both disorders, one can not judge what is worse because they are different for different people. In a full-blown manic episode, Bipolar would be seen as worse. 

Based on Top 10 disorders starting from worst

  1.   Paranoid
  2.   Schizoid
  3.   Schizotypal
  4.   Antisocial
  5.   Baorderline
  6.   Historic
  7.   Narcissistic
  8.   Avoidant
  9.   Dependent
  10.   OCD

There you have it. Like I said above, I did miss a certain amount of disorders. This just shows you a list for learning about mental health. Make sure to check the links I put throughout the post since they talk more about mental health disorders and reference. I hope this post teaches you something new. 

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