I Found an Amazing and Easy Craft to Try

Hello friends and welcome back to my blog. 

Today we are crafting. My mom has been a big fan of Pinterest for a while now. Lately, she has been going on there and making all kinds of holiday crafts. She inspired my creative side to spark and it decided to check out what kind of crafts I would like. 

I did not find many things that really peaked my interest. One thing, in particular, did though. It was a photo of a kids craft. I decided to take it and make it my own. You can find what I am talking about here

This craft would be great as a card or just a decoration to hang on the wall or on your desk. It is a simple DIY, since like I said it was a kids craft. Since there was really no instructions, I figured to take the opportunity to put it out there on my blog. So without further talking, let's get crafting :) 

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What you need-

2 colors of Construction paper
Makers, crayons
Optional- string

1.   We are going to start by taking one of the papers and putting them rectangular. Fold it to make the 2 sides touch. Then pinching it down. This will make your paper have 3 sections.
Trust me this is a lot easier then I am making it out to be. The rest of the instructions will be more clear. You can also use a ruler to measure out 3 sections

2. We are going to take our other color paper and measure it to fit in the middle of the paper we just folded. Then we will glue it on the paper

3. Here comes the fun part, we are going to make our design. 

For the front of mine, I decided to try and color in a full moon. I did this by making a circle with a cup measure. Yes, you read that right. I used white nail polish to trace the moon. For the white of the moon, I used oil pastel paint. 
I then took a paintbrush, dipped it into various colors and dotted it around the moon. I took some of that paint and added a bit to the moon. Give it that galaxy look

For the inside, I took a gold and silver marker to make the words. Then dipped more paint all over it. Gives it a little sprinkle look. 


To make the card, you want to make a small hole an inch away from the sides of each of the folded paper. Make sure the hole is middle way up the paper

Insert the string into the holes and tie it into a bow.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it was not too hard to understand :) 

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  1. I feel like you're an amazing person when I reach your blog.. I love your blog title, your name 'Moon child' on your blog.. I like this craft too :) Keep writing :) Good luck with blogging :)

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