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Reach Your Goals in 2019

Hello friends and welcome to another post!!!!

      It's 2019 which means Mood Boards for the new year is all the rage. I assume you started creating yours, am I right?? Fear not if you have not, I can help. I can also help you reach your goals in 2019. 

My inspiration for this post comes from non-other the Youtuber, Amber Scholl. Link to her video below. She is one for creating a dream board and one for always having whatever is on it, come true.

I have also included some tips on how to make the board even better. You can also visit my past post Be More Productive with Your time 

I have also included tips on how you can reach your goals. Simple tips that will make life alot easier, cause you less stress and reach those goals quicker. 

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Let's Take A Dive Into My Mood Board 2019

This is my first ever mood board. Below is an overview on the whole thing. I made mine on the back of a box I had. 

    Tip 1- Make sure when creating a Mood Board, you choose a big enough canvas. This way you won't run out of room. Best bet is construction paper, the big ones they make for school art projects. 

     Tip 2- Clip photos from magazines, print them from online and find things everywhere. You can add some fun decorations like stickers, washi tape, background, colored paper... Anything you find pleasing that will help you be more attracted to look at the board

     Tip 3- Add a central quote just like Amber. Reach Your Goals is mine which I found from the front of a magazine. Put this right in the center of your board

Here is the top of my Mood Board. Ignore the hair color

    Tip 4- Make sure to add the year date

   Tip 5- Add a central quote just like Amber. Reach Your Goals is mine which I found from the front of a magazine

   I added some stickers. I'm not bossy, I'm the boss and Positive Mind.Vibes.Life I added a little sticker button that I got in a planner kit (which actually where this box came from) Every Moment Matters.

My number 1 goal this year is going to see the Backstreet Boys in concert when they come to Alabama. 

I also want to get money but since I could not find a money symbol or money photo (I don't have a printer) I decided to add a card from the game You Just Became A Millionaire 
      'When I realized how wealthy I become, the first thing I did was'
A Jump up and down, babbling incoherently 
B Faint
C Sit calm, thinking "Isn't this nice"
D Run out of the door with my charge card shouting... 
"I don't know much about being a millionaire, but I'll be darling at it"
Dorthy Parker     

I want to become more spiritual so I found a quote: 
'For the Grace of God has appeared the offers salvation to all'
Titans 2:11

  Now we move on to the middle of the board. Here you can see my quote for the year. I also added Get the sleep you deserve and End your $$$$ stress for good. Two of the things I also wish to do

Below that is a quote from that board game
'Formula for success: Rise early, work hard, strick oil'
J Paul Getty

On the left side, I want to shop more so I put a women shopping. This photo I found from a book that teaches you how to draw. 

    Tip 6-  Be sure to add simple goals that is easy to achieve. Dressing better for me is not wearing pj shirts outside. I want to wear nice shirts. I will still wear shorts since that is what I like to wear but I want to dress them up more

I want to learn French so I drew the French flag on a sheet of red paper. 

I want to take more photos. I found photos of a camera and glued them to a sheet of paper. 

   Tip 7- If you can't find the right photo, draw it. You can also add quotes that speak to you or say what you want to accomplish 

On the right sire, I chose another photo from the drawing book with a girl with nice clothes. This is for me to dress better

Below that, I got a card from that game and a photo of a house since I want to find a new home. 
When planning my dream home, my first requirement will be:
A Keep the exterior plain and simple, but lavishly decorate the interior

  We have reached the bottom of my mood board. This may be hard to see as you can tell the board is holo so it is hard to take photos of. 

On the left-right more
                read more
                date more

I found a game piece from Life that says 'Write a Great American Novel' not something I need to accomplish but it would be cool

    Tip 8- Add some hard goals to reach. This will give you extra motivation

I want to make atleast $1000 on Fablemoon Says

I wish to explore the stars more. I found a cute tissue box and just cut a small piece off. 

On the right side-
                         I added another question from the Millionaire game since I wish to do a good dead or two. It says "The first good dead I will do is"

The final thing on my mood board is to go swimming which of course is another photo from my drawing book.

More Tips-

On a sheet of paper, write down one thing you want to accomplish from your mood board. 

Ex- Go see BSB in concert

On the next lines, write down how you can accomplish that goal

Ex- find the date
     save up for tickets
     buy a new outfit
     buy a new camera
     figure out transportation

Skip about 10 lines, here you can write a journal of your accomplishments

Ex- 9-4-2019 the date of the backstreet boys

   March 3- I have saved $20 for the concert. I need $100 more to buy tickets

Then skip some pages, write down your next goal and do the same thing. 

Putting things on the mood board will only help you visualize what you want to do. Putting it on paper with a plan to accomplish the goals, will help you act on them

I do hope you get everything you wish for in 2019. Make sure to work on the things you want to accomplish. 
   No work= No success 


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