Very Easy DIY Elf on the Shelf

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Hello friends and welcome back to blogmas.

 As you can tell from the title and my last post, I have been in a very creative mood. So I was thinking of what kind of fun crafts I can do. 
On December 16th, we are making a Pop Up Christmas card. 
Of course, my last post was a Diy Pokemon Journal , which came out great and I am having so much fun creating. 

I wanted to do a wreath but that failed. I will have to post a photo of that on Instagram 

Then I got to thinking 'I want an elf on the shelf' as I always seem to forget to buy one. Honestly what better way then to make my own. Mine came out kinda cute so I decided that would be the post I would share.

If you are unaware of the elf story here is a snippet from their website

'The magical Scout Elves help Santa manage his naughty and nice lists by taking note of a family’s Christmas adventures and reporting back to Santa at the North Pole nightly. Each morning, the Scout Elf returns to its family and perches in a new spot, waiting for someone to spot them.'

Sounds and looks adorable. I really don't have kids but I do love the idea of these little guys and girls.  

This craft requires no sewing of anything. It is simple enough that a kid can help with an adult present. You can be creative as you want. Remember if you do make this then be sure to tag me on instagram #elfdiy 
Enjoy your crafting and always use safety :)

*Some of these photos were taken after I finished my craft. Which is why some of them are not the right color. I did the craft and deleted the photos.*

Step 1:

    We are going to take our toilet roll and glue red paper all over it. You can also choose another color if you don't want the elf to wear red. Everything is up to you

 I, of course, did it the hard way and decided to spray paint my toilet paper roll instead.

Step 2:

    We are going to take the leftover red paper and draw the elf's legs, arms and hat. 

I did the arms and legs by cutting 2 diagonal lines 3 inches apart and about 8 inches long. I did that 4 times. I wanted to make sure I have a little extra length to glue it on the roll. I did not draw hands or feet but you can. 

We take the pieces, fold a little L on top then glue 2 on the bottom and 2 on the side. This I had to use tape for since my glue would not stick to the paint. 

Set the hat aside

Step 3:

   We are going to take the white paper and make the elf's head, white neck thing (see photo above), a piece of hat and pom for the hat. I used a pill bottle for the size of the head and a penny for the pom. 

Draw a little face and some hair for the guy or girl. Don't forget his ears

Step 4:

      We are going to take the white piece for the hat and glue it onto the bottom of the hat. Then add the pom to the edge. 

Then we shall glue that hat onto our little guys head

Step 5:

   We are going to cut a small rectangle (like the arms or legs) out of the white paper, this will make putting the head on easier. 

We are going to cut a little link across the middle of the neck piece. Next, we shall take the rectangle we just cut out and put it through that whole. 

We are going to attach the face to the rectangle by gluing the face in front. That was some of the neck piece can be in the front and back 

Basically, it should look like this ⇧⇧

   Then we are going to take the rest of the white piece and attach it to the inside of the toilet paper roll. I squished the toilet paper roll to make him a little thinner. 

Done your finished elf should look something like this guy

Hopefully, you understood what I meant. Here is the completed version of the Elf on the shelf. I think he came out nice and cute. If you need help then feel free to comment down below. 

Be sure to tune in Wednesday as I have an all new post for you. 

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  1. Aww, I love how you have become inspired by the holiday season! I find that this month is like a month of 'creation' since so many people get into making things. The DIY elf's smile is so adorable!

    1. Thank you Carla. Something about the colors and happiness I think is what helps