How to Use Left over Wrapping Paper

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Hello friends and welcome to another Blogmas post.

I was very much debating whether or not to post this as-
       1. No one seems to be reading my blog
       2. It is basically just envelope making

As you can tell I did change my mind of posting this. It was because-
    1. It is a way of using leftover wrapping paper
    2. Cost less then buying envelopes
    3. It goes hand in hand with my next diy
    4. This diy and the next can be used for days other than just Christmas

If you are like me then you go crazy for Christmas wrapping paper. All the styles, colors, design.. Oh my, I just love it. They make me want to buy more and more every season. And of course, I do buy them. Come the end of the season and I am left with 10 different Disney style wrapping paper rolls.

Since I do buy more every season, I decided to do a diy with some 'ugly' ones I have floating around. This diy is simple and can be used on any occasion.

Now we all know I am awful at opening statements, so let's just get on with it shall we.

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Step 1. 

   Unroll the wrapping paper. 
   Place the sheet of paper on your wrapping paper
   Outline the size of the paper
   Cut it out leaving an inch of extra material

     Step 2-

Fold the edges of the wrapping paper about 2 inches 

Step 3-

      Take your construction paper and fold it in half
      Cut that half
      Attach that half to the folded bottom and sides of the wrapping paper with glue

     Step 4-

Finished. Quick, easy and breezy. Now you can add a card inside the envelope and tape it. 

*Protip- For more fun add a different wrapping paper the first set of wrapping paper. Here you can see I used a blue sheet of paper. Wrapping paper on one side and blue on the other. I did this in reverse for the other. 


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