Dec 21, 2018

Easy Diy Pop Up Card

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Hey friends and welcome to another Blogmas post.

Can you believe we only have one more post left after this year :0 I know I sort of been a failure at it but if you stick with me until next Blogmas, then I can promise you that it will be better. Not to mention in 2019 I have some fun posts coming!! Get excited

If there is one thing I love, it is sending people personalized cards. Call me old-fashioned, but I love an actual paper card giving. I know there is a ton of electronic cards online but I feel it is not the same. When I was younger, I would always make my mom a birthday card. I never had the money so it was easy to do since I had all the materials at home. She loved it even more than the gifts, had I bought her something.

Nothing says I Love You or Appreciate You then a personalized card!!

I have made is my goal in 2019, to start making more personalized cards or popup cards. Maybe even start an online shop of personalized, popup cards ;)

The great thing about this DIY is that the cards can be for all year round. Not just for Christmas, you can make one for Valentine's, Halloween, birthday... The choice is really up to you. Oh, you know what would be fun, a photo popup card. No, we are not doing that here, just an idea of all the cards you can make with this simple tutorial.

Like all my other Diy's, this is really easy to make. I want to keep things simple but fun. Ok, shall we get on to crafting??

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Step 1- 

  I am going to take my purple sheet of paper and fold that in half. I will do the same for my brown sheet of paper. 

Since I want my brown sheet of paper to be a tad bit smaller than my purple sheet, I will cut of just 1 centimeter on the bottom and top. 

Step 2-

   I will then cut 2 slits in off my brown sheet of paper in the middle. Making sure they are about 1 inch apart. This will form the tab to add your art. Cut a bigger or wider slit depending on your art. 

Then you should fold that tab inward

 See examples below

I had to cut my slit about 3 inches long
christmas craftcraft    

I will then glue my brown sheet of paper on my purple sheet. You can see from the example above that I used tape since I did not have glue. 

Step 3-

   I will then figure out what art I want to use. For this, I chose to do a Santa face  I traced him using my white sheet of paper, I colored him in and cut him out. 

popup card


Step 4-

  This step will be the tricky one as we are attaching Santa to the tab. We take Santa and glue him to the middle to the tab.

This is why I needed to make my tab just a bit longer. I kind of made him a bit too big

Step 5-

   Now you just decorate your card. Get creative with this. Add glitter, stickers, a sweet quote... This is the part that I always loved about making cards. 

Go gift it to someone or even keep it for yourself

  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and had as much fun as I did creating it. Good luck and Hva efun

Dec 19, 2018

Top Tips for Dating in the New Year

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Hey friends and welcome to a #blogmas post.

  As we move towards the end of the year and enjoy all the festivities and get ready for the New Year, a lot of singles look to get their dating life kick-started. I for sure know that dating can be a hassle, no matter what age you are. 

  • Meeting the person
  • Asking the person out
  • Picking perfect outfit
  • First awkward date
  • After date saga
  • Call or no?
  • Waiting for the second date

It is a struggle. Today I have some tips for you that may be just what you need. Do not be scared to make 2019 your year in everything.

Be sure to comment down below any other tips you have

Tip 1- Finding the guy

    Sometimes finding a guy is not as easy as going to the store, bumping into a guy while trying to pick out a pickle, awkwardly trying to think of pickle puns while not being too sexual. If you are lucky, then it can be. 

For most of us though, we try online dating. 

#FunFact 49 Million People have tried online dating

What is great about online dating is you don't have to try and meet these guys or have the awkward "want to go out?" on the phone chat. Most are texting.

Be sure to try this site tayside dating

Tip 2- Dating Profile

   I am sorry but I don't think anyone really wants a profile that includes "I have 4 cats" with the list your cat's name.

What they do want to see?

  • What you like to do for fun
  • What you are interested in like movies, music
  • Your future goals in terms of success. Hearing you want 4 kids may be a turn off for most men. Leave that for the 3rd date
  • What makes you, you
  • Tell them what you want
  • Something that shows your personality. Keep your profile sounding like how you sound

Keep it fun, interesting, funny. Nothing about your childhood, anything about your ex is for sure a no

Tip 3- The Photo

  Picking your profile photo can make or break. Even more than your information in your profile.

For a hookup- a more revealing photo may be the way to go. Make sure to keep it casual. You really don't want to show off everything all at once.

Smile- It shows that you are outgoing, fun and interested in finding a date

Make sure you are clean with your hair and outfit, not all a mess. This just signals a mess of a person. No one wants that

Leave the funny, humor for the profile information. You really don't want your picture to look like you are trying to be a joke. Which means no sticking your tongue out, funny filter, plushies, action figures...

Tip 4- Be Yourself

  With anything and everything, you do whether it is dating or business, just be yourself.

Just be yourself!! 

Most times people are turned off from online dating because they know that 70% of the people lie about alot of things. Age and photo are the main things people lie about.

Even with dating in real life, you think a guy is cute or nice so you ask him on a date. Turns out he is a total jerk.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and I hope they work for you in the future. Make sure to have fun and don't take dating to serious
 Good luck

Dec 13, 2018

How to Use Left over Wrapping Paper

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Hello friends and welcome to another Blogmas post.

I was very much debating whether or not to post this as-
       1. No one seems to be reading my blog
       2. It is basically just envelope making

As you can tell I did change my mind of posting this. It was because-
    1. It is a way of using leftover wrapping paper
    2. Cost less then buying envelopes
    3. It goes hand in hand with my next diy
    4. This diy and the next can be used for days other than just Christmas

If you are like me then you go crazy for Christmas wrapping paper. All the styles, colors, design.. Oh my, I just love it. They make me want to buy more and more every season. And of course, I do buy them. Come the end of the season and I am left with 10 different Disney style wrapping paper rolls.

Since I do buy more every season, I decided to do a diy with some 'ugly' ones I have floating around. This diy is simple and can be used on any occasion.

Now we all know I am awful at opening statements, so let's just get on with it shall we.

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Step 1. 

   Unroll the wrapping paper. 
   Place the sheet of paper on your wrapping paper
   Outline the size of the paper
   Cut it out leaving an inch of extra material

     Step 2-

Fold the edges of the wrapping paper about 2 inches 

Step 3-

      Take your construction paper and fold it in half
      Cut that half
      Attach that half to the folded bottom and sides of the wrapping paper with glue

     Step 4-

Finished. Quick, easy and breezy. Now you can add a card inside the envelope and tape it. 

*Protip- For more fun add a different wrapping paper the first set of wrapping paper. Here you can see I used a blue sheet of paper. Wrapping paper on one side and blue on the other. I did this in reverse for the other. 


Dec 9, 2018

Very Easy DIY Elf on the Shelf

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Hello friends and welcome back to blogmas.

 As you can tell from the title and my last post, I have been in a very creative mood. So I was thinking of what kind of fun crafts I can do. 
On December 16th, we are making a Pop Up Christmas card. 
Of course, my last post was a Diy Pokemon Journal , which came out great and I am having so much fun creating. 

I wanted to do a wreath but that failed. I will have to post a photo of that on Instagram 

Then I got to thinking 'I want an elf on the shelf' as I always seem to forget to buy one. Honestly what better way then to make my own. Mine came out kinda cute so I decided that would be the post I would share.

If you are unaware of the elf story here is a snippet from their website

'The magical Scout Elves help Santa manage his naughty and nice lists by taking note of a family’s Christmas adventures and reporting back to Santa at the North Pole nightly. Each morning, the Scout Elf returns to its family and perches in a new spot, waiting for someone to spot them.'

Sounds and looks adorable. I really don't have kids but I do love the idea of these little guys and girls.  

This craft requires no sewing of anything. It is simple enough that a kid can help with an adult present. You can be creative as you want. Remember if you do make this then be sure to tag me on instagram #elfdiy 
Enjoy your crafting and always use safety :)

*Some of these photos were taken after I finished my craft. Which is why some of them are not the right color. I did the craft and deleted the photos.*

Step 1:

    We are going to take our toilet roll and glue red paper all over it. You can also choose another color if you don't want the elf to wear red. Everything is up to you

 I, of course, did it the hard way and decided to spray paint my toilet paper roll instead.

Step 2:

    We are going to take the leftover red paper and draw the elf's legs, arms and hat. 

I did the arms and legs by cutting 2 diagonal lines 3 inches apart and about 8 inches long. I did that 4 times. I wanted to make sure I have a little extra length to glue it on the roll. I did not draw hands or feet but you can. 

We take the pieces, fold a little L on top then glue 2 on the bottom and 2 on the side. This I had to use tape for since my glue would not stick to the paint. 

Set the hat aside

Step 3:

   We are going to take the white paper and make the elf's head, white neck thing (see photo above), a piece of hat and pom for the hat. I used a pill bottle for the size of the head and a penny for the pom. 

Draw a little face and some hair for the guy or girl. Don't forget his ears

Step 4:

      We are going to take the white piece for the hat and glue it onto the bottom of the hat. Then add the pom to the edge. 

Then we shall glue that hat onto our little guys head

Step 5:

   We are going to cut a small rectangle (like the arms or legs) out of the white paper, this will make putting the head on easier. 

We are going to cut a little link across the middle of the neck piece. Next, we shall take the rectangle we just cut out and put it through that whole. 

We are going to attach the face to the rectangle by gluing the face in front. That was some of the neck piece can be in the front and back 

Basically, it should look like this ⇧⇧

   Then we are going to take the rest of the white piece and attach it to the inside of the toilet paper roll. I squished the toilet paper roll to make him a little thinner. 

Done your finished elf should look something like this guy

Hopefully, you understood what I meant. Here is the completed version of the Elf on the shelf. I think he came out nice and cute. If you need help then feel free to comment down below. 

Be sure to tune in Wednesday as I have an all new post for you. 

Dec 5, 2018

Very Easy DIY Pokemon Journal

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 Hey friends and welcome back to #blogmas

With the new Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, Let's Go Pikachu out and the soon to be released Detective Pikachu, Pokemon is now in demand more than ever. With Christmas coming, that means kids and adults are going to want something Pokemon related.

You can buy them Pokemon Trainer's Notebook which is actually a fun activity book.

Or you can go the creative way and make them their very own journal. What's great about this is we get to customize the front and back however we want it. It's fun, easy and creative. It's so easy that (with adult supervision) a little kid can do it.

I been wanting to make a Pokemon journal since my  Journaling 101 post but did not know how since I did not have a printer. Luckily this diy can be used with or without a printer. More fun without a printer if you ask me.

If you notice in that post, my journal will be all about my Pokemon Go experience. I am excited to start this journey of creating and journaling with you.

If you do make this journal, then feel free to tag me on Instagram #pokemonjournaldiy

Without further ado, since I really and not good at intros, let us get on with the diy

Ps You can do this diy for a ton of other things like love journal, Rick & Morty or anything you think of. Does not have to be Pokemon

Step 1- 
  We are going to take the 2 color paper we have and cut it to the shape of our notebook. We will glue this to the front and back of the notebook. 
   The front and back don't have to be the same color. Be creative. You can also add paper to the inside of the cover if your notebook contains any print inside. 

 I will be doing purple for the front and back cover, blue for the inside, blue for the edge of the notebook. 

Step 2-

   Here is the fun part. We need to find an image of Pokemon that we like to create our cover. This you can print out or draw. I have no printer so I am going to trace and color. We will need our white sheet of paper for this. 
 To find images I suggest   Google images. You can also get printables here

I will be looking for something that says Pokemon Go.

Step 3-

  After we have colored and printed those images, we are going to safely cut them out. Then we shall glue them onto the front and/or the back of the journal

Just like that, you are done. Congrats you have made a journal all your own!!!! See I told you that was easy. This is my finished front cover. 

I do hope you have fun creating this journal, creating the inside of the journal. If you give it to someone, I do hope they like it also

Happy Crafting 


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