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Oct 14, 2018

Alabama Secrets Revealed

Hello friends. Before I get started, I wanted to tell you I just added a Goal Chart to my free content which you can view here Yes you do have to sign up for my newsletter in order to receive the password :) 
Ok now on to the post. 

I have lived in Montgomery, Alabama for over a year now. I got the basics of the city worked out. Fact- Martin Luther King Jr ended his famous march here 
Fact- Is it the capital city of Alabama

There have been some things I have learned from my year living here. Some insider things that visitors may not be told about.
 For those who would love to visit or are just interested in learning more on this city, then feel free to read on.

I would love to do more post like these but I have only been to 2 cities. So if you would like to collaborate with me on this, then feel free to shoot me an email- tianazworld@gmail.com  #SecretsOfTheCity

The Weather

  Of course, the first thing we have to talk about is the beautiful weather. In the summer, the temperatures rise to well over 90* Fahrenheit but never past 100*. Unless of course, you count the humidity, then you can get temps of 110*

It rains a lot in the spring. Normally the rain is more on the downpours side but normally does not last a long time. The thunderstorms of the summer and spring last for literal hours.

Winter can get colder then you would think. I thought I was moving to a place that was 40*-50* all winter but I was mistaken. It can drop down to the 20's and it can snow. Most places will shut down if there is an inch of snow on the road. Still not as bad as the northeast but not what I expected from a southern state.

The Weather Bad

  Of course, Alabama is a southern state near the Atlantic which means come summer to fall, you can get many tropical storms or even the occasional hurricane. Luckily here, for the most part only gets the edge of most of these storms. If you live further to the beach or Atlantic ocean, then you will see hurricanes.

Tornados have come in recent decades but like hurricanes, Montgomery is the slowest city. Meaning it will not get as many tornados as other cities.

The City as a whole

   By this, I mean the stores, attractions and getting around. There are many stores here which is the main reason I chose this city. Everything you can want, you have, besides Ikea and barely any Dunkins. Other then that, everything is here.

There is plenty to see and do down here. The zoo is a major attraction. Windcreek casino is also very popular. I mean not many places that are not Las Vegas has a casino and zoo. Downtown is filled with many historic sites, way too many to list here. Tripadvisor has you covered on that.

The City Problem

   Now the main problem with the city is that everything is very far away. Nothing is in walking distance, the bus to get to one place takes an hour, it takes 20 minutes to get to the casino from where I am. Which if you take a Lyft to many of these locations, it will cost you upwards of $20 just for a one way trip. I don't have a car which sucks in a place like this.

The Secret Problem

   Living in Montgomery has taught me many things besides the facts I listed above. Know I am not 100% certain on this next thing but I can see where it is coming from.
*Montgomery, Al has child trafficking*

Now like I said, I am not 100% sure on this but I have been told by many people to be careful when walking down the street alone. This is true as walking down the street, you will get more than your fair share of guys in cars trying to pick you up. Most of 98% of these guys are not just being nice, No. Most of them think you are either a prostitute or want to hurt you. No matter what kind of outfit you are wearing. So be warned

Final Thoughts

 My final thoughts are

  1. Be cautious as a woman when you walk alone. This goes for any city. 
  2. A great city to live in regardless of the few flaws
  3. A great city to visit
  4. Be sure to have a car or money to spend on rides

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