Fablemoon Says is not just about mental health and finding you inexpensive things, it is way more then that. To be honest, it started out as a place to write stories and about mental health. Today we are reverting back to the writing aspect of the blog.

I wanted to tell you who my favorite writers are narrowed down into categories. We all have our favorite book authors, tv show writers and even blog writers.


Book Authors

J.K Rowling-

  Now I am sure you all have heard of her. The author of all the Harry Potter books and the Fantastic Beasts series. 

R.L Stine- 

  The author of the Goosebumps series. These are the books I read most as a child. I loved how they were creepy but not scary. They were also very easy to read. 

I would have to say if I could write any type of book it would be one like Escape from the Carnival of Horrors I love how you can choose the direction of the story  


Song Writers

Taylor Swift- 

     I know most artists do not write their own music but as far as I know, Taylor writes atleast 90% of her own music. I love how people of all ages, sexes, races can find something of her's they can relate to. I honestly just think she has no bad songs. 

You can view her music here


   The way he raps, you would swear he has a dictionary in his pocket or in the studio with him. His rhymes are like none other which could be why he is called Rap God.
 If I could write just a fraction of how he writes his words and rhymes then I would be happy. I can't rhyme for beans.



     Yes the Youtuber. I wanted to include him since he came out with a book and unlike the other Youtuber books, his book was simple. You could tell by the way it was written that it was written by himself. No fancy ghostwriter. A simple 256 page book that is easy to read

No joke, this is literally a page from his book. Haha I find it brilliant
Get it here

Jimmy Fallon- 

   Yup the late night talk show host wrote a book. Like Pewdiepie, his book is simple. Well actually he wrote a child's book so of course it would be simple. He also wrote a book on his very popular show segment called Thank You Notes. His books are simple and fun to read. 

You can view his books here