What No One Tells You About Life

It has been over a month since I turned 31. It made me think of how I imagined my life as a kid. How different I thought it would be when I turned 31.

It made me think how life can be so different than what we imagine. Sometimes we think that maybe we took the wrong path. Maybe this was the plan for you all along. Maybe your life would have not gone right if you chose that other path.

I truly believe that we are at this point in life for a reason. We are where we are meant to be. And although it may not seem like it now, it will soon.

I thought in this post, I would tell you how I imagined how my life was supposed to be. Then tell you how my life is currently.
Maybe it will give you some inspiration to look at how your life is and why you are there. Think of how your life would have been like have you chosen a different path. Do you think you would be happier?  Or do you think this is better? Then think of how you can change your life to be the best it could be. 

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  Ps, Yes I know I say 'I' a bunch in this post but it is my life so yeah. I never know what to title my post. Also, I do hope this post makes sense to you. It makes sense to me. Basically I am telling you that life will get better, life knows what you need and maybe what you wanted in the past for your life didn't work out that way for the better.

  When I was a teen, I imagined that I would move to California right after high school. Start a new life since I hated my city and just felt nothing was there for me. I never had a job during high school since I was more focused on graduating. My family was not rich so really I have no clue how I would have been able to move. Of course, that goal was a failure.

  After high school, I and my mom moved to another place. Then I got my first (and so far only) job. It was a seasonal job which I worked there for a season. Stupid me told people I would not work there next season since I was moving to California. I told people who asked, I didn't talk to anyone besides my boss. Why I said this lie I have no clue. Honestly, I don't think I wanted to see anyone after. Which I never did. I guess I still had hoped I would be moving to California.

   I was 20 at this time and was hoping for a kid by then but that didn't work. My next goal of having kids was by 22. I am 31 still with no kids but a puppy. I think this worked out right since I really can't afford a kid nor is my anxiety/ mental health good enough for a kid.

  So here I am at 20, no kids and no job. I could have been in California already if I had the money to get there. I assumed getting a job after would be easy but this was when the economy was starting its downfall so it was not. Instead, I started doing surveys online which earned me some money. Not enough to move out of the city nor enough to move out of my mom's place.

  Oh yeah did I mention that I wanted a car? I guess not until now. It is not like people didn't tell me they would give me driving lessons, I was just nervous. I have never been behind the wheel of a car. To be honest, I don't even sit in the front seat. It is too close to where the cars are and I always imagine a car coming and hitting into the car I am in. Yeah, I am 31 with no car, permit or anything. In the future, I do want to go for a permit for a moped. However, it still freaks me out.

  Now here is where I think my life has paid off for the good. Flash forward to 2017 where I am now 29 years old. My mental health has gotten horrible, I can barely go get the mail without running home. We are homeless so of course, my depression has kicked in. Not to mention my life was going nowhere. Still working on surveys with no kid, no friends and no boyfriend. Anywhoo, things seemed like they could not get any worse. In the summer of 2017, my mom and I decided to pack up and move to Alabama.

  Now, why do I say I think life got better? Here I am in my mobile home, still doing surveys but in a new city where I can be anything. It is almost 2019, I will be starting a new therapist soon and I got my dog still. No, my life is not perfect but it is getting better.

  You may be asking why are you even telling me this? The point of this whole post is maybe life has a better idea of how your life is supposed to go then you do. Maybe I was never supposed to move to California for a reason. I don't think I even belong in a beautiful place like that. It would make my mental health even worse since the women are so beautiful and perfect. They say Never tell God what you want in life because he will laugh at you. He knows what he is doing. You just need to be patient and trust in him. 

 We never know why things happen the way they do. We just need to believe that it is for the best. I believe your life will go great, as will mine. We just need to take it one day at a time.

 I know what I need to do in order for my future to get better. I do hope you look into your life, write down what you need to do for a better future and work on it.  I wish you the best

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