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Jun 18, 2018

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Best Sites for Free Stuff

*I am in no way sponsored by any of the following sites. I found them all by Google because I love getting free things in the mail. Wish they were sponsored but nope*

If you are like me then you love free things. Especially when it comes to stationary aka notebooks and pens. 

There are many sites where you can request free samples of any sort of product. 

Since I am no good with intros, let's get right into the post. 

So here are: 

These first sites are those where you request the samples and they may or may not give them to you. This all depends on price, stock and a few other various reasons.

Now, this website you can only request 5 samples in a 90day period.  Those samples must be under $7 each. Since they have a great selection of product, it's really not that hard to find what you like. Hard to figure out which ones to get. 

Protip- Use various email address to get even more samples

This site I found from just Google free samples. They gave me a catalog where you can see various products they have.

With this site, I have requested some samples and have not got them. That like I said could be for many reasons. However, so far I have gotten a good amount of products. 

Note- this came in brown, I just decorated it with journal things myself

This is the site where I found out about 4Imprint. Just click on their links to go to a different website, add your information and Bam free stuff. 

I have gotten a year subscription of Sports Illustrated, female pads, toilet paper holders, Kind Bars and more from this site

9/10 for a rating 

Keep an eye out for free sample ads. I have gotten a free sample of toothbrushes, toothpaste, perfume. 

Be warned- Some of the 'free samples' you actually have to pay shipping. If you keep a close eye, then you will find the ones with free shipping

So there you have a few of the website I get free samples from. If you would me to do more post like this then feel free to leave a comment or tweet me

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