May 31, 2018

Writing With Depression- Bonnie McConaughy

May 31, 2018

So the other day I posted a guest post which you can read here and today I am back with another. This one is by Bonnie McConaughy. Here she talks about writing with depression. Such a wonderful post with great tips.
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Author: Bonnie McConaughy is the owner and founder of Inspire the Best You (www.inspirethebestyou.wordpress.com), where she writes about weight loss, healthy living, self-love, and personal growth. If you are interested in those topics, stop by and read her blog! She is also a freelance and ghostwriter (www.bmcconaughy.weebly.com).


Writing with Depression and Anxiety
By Bonnie McConaughy

Writing is such a fun, therapeutic, and natural calling for so many of us. Some of us write as a hobby, or for journaling purposes. Many of us are pursuing making it work as a career. No matter the reason, it can also have its challenges. Then when depression and anxiety, or other chronic issues, rear their ugly heads, it can be even more difficult!

I have learned a lot recently about the writing process as it pertains to dealing with depression and anxiety and I would like to share with you all some of the tips on how to write with these issues that have helped me:

Create a routine for your writing
While I’m a blogger and freelance writer, which guarantees that I have a pretty set schedule as well as deadlines for my material, I also firmly believe in setting up a routine to work on your writing. This can be a daily routine, or even a weekly routine, that you put into place and stick to as best as you can. I set up certain days where I need to write a piece and try not to schedule too many pieces for one day or a cluster of days so that I don’t get crushed by the overwhelm of it all. Sometimes my mind won’t cooperate with me to stick with this routine no matter what, but I always put forth the effort and do my best, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Use schedules and deadlines
Whether you write professionally or not, schedules and deadlines can help you. Commit to yourself that you will finish a certain piece or project by a certain date and then push to get it done by then. It’s kind of like setting up boundaries for yourself and then using your self-discipline to get it done. If you don’t set a deadline, sometimes you will get into the habit of just putting it off repeatedly because you have all the time in the world. When you have that deadline, then you know you need to crunch and get it done instead of pushing it to the back burner.

Look for inspiration online when feeling down
For the times when you are feeling depressed or overly anxious, sometimes turning to online inspiration can really help. I personally use Facebook and Pinterest, but whatever place is your go-to for browsing that helps the creative juices flow or helps you feel motivated will be so beneficial. Ignore the negativity and do not compare yourself to others, but use whatever you see as fuel or simply motivate you to get things done. Sometimes I get caught up in the comparison game, even now, but I quickly push that out of my mind and focus on what I am doing and the progress and passion that I have, and that really pushes me!

Reach out for help when you need it
Call or message a friend or family member if you are feeling down or anxious, especially anyone who is a good listener. They can help you talk things out or work through your feelings, which in turn helps you work past your block or confidence issues. I am an introvert so reaching out to others isn’t my strong suit. However, I post status updates to Facebook, reach out to the writing/blogging groups I am a part of, and call or text people when I need feedback or a listening ear. When I remember to do that, instead of living in my own little world all the time, it will help me to get my writing and blogging started.

Join Facebook or other support groups
As I just mentioned, I am a part of various Facebook groups for writing and blogging. They provide a level of support and learning that is so beneficial for me, even when I am just “lurking” in the groups and absorbing what others’ post. It gives me the fuel to push forward and helps inspire ideas for my blog and writing. They are so invaluable to me and I am glad a friend of mine pointed me in the right direction of a writing group that spurred the interest and sense of community in me: Ninja Writers. Check them out if you want! There are also many others too that have been helpful to me but I couldn’t even begin to list them all here.

Get a change of scenery to write
When things just aren’t flowing, change your scenery. Go to the library, a coffee shop or cafe, to the park, or even just your own yard or porch! That change of scenery and possibly getting outdoors can help so much with your writing. It gets you out of your head in a way that can get the juices flowing. I personally love the library because I can acclimate to my surroundings a lot easier there as it is quiet, full of books, and full of other people working and learning.

I would love to hear what works for you or if these tips prove helpful for you with your writing, when dealing with depression and anxiety.

May 28, 2018

What Is Your Legacy?

May 28, 2018
If you look up Legacy you will find it means 'something received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past” (Webster). It also means how someone is remembered, and what contributions they made while they were alive'

With my mental health issues, I always think of dying and what I will be remember for. What will my legacy be?? This is tough for my to answer since I don't have children, hate people, no friends, basically have done nothing in life 😔😔 

So think of this question. Really think about it. I know it may be morbid but you don't want to be just dust left in the world. You want to be remembered. Continue reading if you need some ideas 

 Ok so have you thought about it?? If you are stuck then here are some ideas:

1. A journal
        You don't have to write in it every day even. Have you ever seen the Disney show "Good Luck Charlie"?? You should. The older sister records videos giving her younger sister advice on everything. Create a journal where you give advice to your children, grandkids or anyone

2. Your blog

    Your blog will be online forever. Future generations will see it. This can be how people remember you

3. Write a book

       Doesn't have to be a word book, maybe cartoon book. Doesn't have to be long. You can create an Amazon Ebook here 

4. Your great personality 

        Personality matters so much. If you have a good personality then people will remember you. Be kind to everyone, even your enemies. 
You may not know this but there is people watching you. Whether that person be your kid, grankid, stranger, family.... If you do good then someone will see it and be motivated to do good also

5. Create something

    We got book and blog out of the way so create a product. Maybe you are good at making paper people. Sell them www.esty.com is a great site to sell things you make

6. Your children

    This list won't be complete without adding children, if you plan on having any. They are the most important legacy anyone can have. Make sure you teach them right, show them good and bad. Like I said they are watching you 

So there is 6 things that will leave a legacy. There is soo much more things that you can do to be remembered. Just make sure that your legacy is a good one and not a bad one 


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