Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Recently I did a post on 6 Blogs You Should Follow I thought I would follow with that trend and do an Instagram Accounts You Must Follow post. Down below are some accounts that I think you would love. I put them into categories like animals, fashion... to make it easier for you to decide who to follow. I hope you do follow these accounts and enjoy them as much as I do

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I will be doing more Instagram Accounts & Blogs you should follow posts, so be sure to leave your links down below so you can be added to those next time :) 

*I do not own any of the following photos. All tooken from the Instagram accounts stated above the photos*

 If you love dogs and dog products

I mean how cute is this dog named Scotty. Now over on their Instagram, you can find inexpensive and cute products. One product is the Hartz Dura Play Bone. Now Kobe has this toy (thanks to Scotty) and absolutely loves it.

Make sure you go follow them and check out the cool products. Tell me what you buy in the comments down below

If you like Astronomy as much as I do then you will love Astronomy_Daily 

 As the name suggests, they post Astronomy photos daily. I love space, astronomy and the moon so this account is perfect for me

As you can see the from the above photo, they just don't post beautiful photos, they also teach you something. So many amazing astronomy accounts but this is by far one of the best

Book Lovers will love Loreley.Amiti account

    Her account is more on the lifestyle feed and posts what she wants 

For example, her beautiful cat who just celebrated his 11th birthday!!!!

She is an author of young adult, children's and fiction books. has all the titles of her books and how to purchase them 

Moms and Dads will love Earthly Mama 

   An aspiring lifestyle photographer who also blogs about motherhood and life. Her photos are stunning as much as she is

Make sure you go follow her blog
One of her stunning photos

Fashion lovers will love Vestitura

  A beautiful fashion account
Link in their bio to where you can purchase the things you see

Sports Lovers will love Kobe Bryant

    Yes I had to include this account. I only had 5 accounts and had to make it an even number anyways. The Oscar winning, NBA superstars personal account where he shows an insight into his life

So there it is. All the accounts I recommend right now. Like I said above, leave your link below to be added to the post next time. Happy Easter and Enjoy 

Thanks for reading xx 


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