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Mar 25, 2018

Wishing to Be Different

Hey guys. So Fablemoon Says is all about helping, inspiring, empowering and teaching people to be themselves. Of course, that means me being myself. Which is what this post is about. I confess my deepest, darkest secret

Wishing to be different

So if you would like to read what I mean, then keep reading.

*Tell me in the comments if you feel the same way*


People say everyone is different, this is true in some aspects.

The harsh reality is we are all the same, we just experience things differently. For example, I am have gone through something tragic in life, while you may not have. Our style, looks and others things may be unique making us individuals. However when it comes down to it, we are all the same. We live, we cry, we breathe, we die...

Which is the problem for me. I don't want to be like you, I want to be the only one or the first. By that, I don't mean the first to own a house on Mars or live to 200. No for me it is more of a medical issue. I want to be not just the first but they only.
The only person to ever turn purple with yellow spots.
The only person to ever be able to fly with my mind.

You may say 'man this girl is really messed up if she wants to unknown disease.' Which you may be correct. On some level, I think it is just me wanting to feel special. I really don't want the attention that media would cause from all this, no I just want to be different.

Maybe this is just me being selfish. I see all these social media post with comments saying "oh me too" or 'same'. Hundreds of comments like this on various post all the time. Then I am like yeah we are all the same. This gets me frustrated. I don't want you to know how I feel or know that you did the same thing.

Be honest with me, you feel this same way sometimes?? You would love to be the only person to ever do ... Maybe you don't want to be the first person to have a medical issue, maybe you would like to be the first person to live on Mars.

Truth is, we all want to feel special. We all want to accomplish things no one else has ever done before. I just am more honest about it being more of wanting something like a having a new medical issue. 

All throughout life I have felt invisible and in the shadows. Which I love however, it leaves people (guys) seeing past me.

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