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Mar 25, 2018

Wishing to Be Different

March 25, 2018 0 Opinions

Hey guys. So Fablemoon Says is all about helping, inspiring, empowering and teaching people to be themselves. Of course, that means me being myself. Which is what this post is about. I confess my deepest, darkest secret

Wishing to be different

So if you would like to read what I mean, then keep reading.

*Tell me in the comments if you feel the same way*


Mar 18, 2018

My Letter to Self Harm

March 18, 2018 4 Opinions
*May be triggering*

Hey guys so I decided to do a repost of this post I did back in late 2017. I think writing this helped me come to some understanding of my self harm. 

I wanted to inspire you to write to your mental health. Tell it how you feel and how you will try to overcome it



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