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Feb 25, 2018

March Blogging Goals

March is quickly a coming which means so is spring!!!! My favorite season by the way. So I want to be cleaning my blog up, spring cleaning one may say. I thought why not share with you my goals for the upcoming month. I will be getting a computer soon which will make all this stuff a  heck of alot easier. So this is My March Blogging Goals 

What would you like to improve on your blog in March?? Tell me down in the comments. 

Get to 500 followers on Instagram 

Take better blog photos 

Post weekly fashion photos on Instagram

Learn how to grow my blog using Pinterest

Posting on a better schedule

Comment and follow more blogs

Get some sun everyday 

Explore Montgomery a little

Write more

Get some books to read

More stuff may be added later on but I think this is a fair list for now. Make sure you do follow me on Instagram 

*I will be doing Madness May which is posting  Sunday-Thursday. If I get to 600 followers on Instagram (link above ⬆️ ⬆️ anytime in May, then I will be doing a giveaway where I send you something from wish.com 
Comment below what posts you would like to see*

Anyways that is all I have for now. I hope to see you next Sunday will an all new post. Take care xx


  1. get some sun is also on my list this month, it's a bit more difficult during the wintertime :)

    1. Good thing Daylight Savings is coming so the sun will be out more. The only thing on my list so far I have been doing basically lol

  2. These are very similar to my goals this next month, since I am starting a new lifestyle brand.

  3. A lot of my intentions for the coming year match yours, especially more writing and getting settled on a better posting schedule. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day, and then there's no creative energy left when you finally do have a moment to write something!

    1. That is my problem also Debrah, no creative energy. It can be such a drawback

  4. I love this.. This is inspiring me to set goals myself. So here is goes:
    *Post on my blog once a week
    *Get into the habit of developing content calendars
    *Grow my instagram following

    Thanks for sharing. I needed this motivation.


    1. I am glad I can motivate you Taima. These goals are great and I love your blog

  5. Love this list! Thinking I should do a march blog goals list too! <3

    1. You totally should Dorissa. I would love to read them

  6. Your post helped me to set up my blogging goals for the month of March. Currently, my 3 weeks stats are pretty amazing as I have got 200+ more users as compared to previous months. I am excited to set up such goals every month to see the difference. Thanks for the motivation.


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