6 Tips For Maintaining Your Car

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Keeping your car in good shape is just as important as anything in life. Especially since you rely on the car everyday and to keep you, your family and others safe on the road. 
I compiled a list to help you do this. Here are my 6 Tips for Maintaining Your Car

If you have any other tips that I missed then feel free to leave them in the comments down below

1. Focus on the road

This is the most important thing you can do to keep your car, you, your passengers and those on the road safe. 

Don't drive drunk or tipsy
Don't text and drive
Don't drive tired
Don't vlog and drive
Ask about driving if you are going on a new medication
It only takes less then a second to ruin everything. 

Please drive safe

2. Inspection

Basically it is a yearly check to make sure your car is in good condition

3. Maintenance

When you get a cold, you go to the doctors. So when you car has something wrong with it, you bring it to the mechanic. If you notice something doesn't seem right then bring the car in straight away. If you can't afford it, then stop driving the car and walk until you can get it checked. Better safe then sorry 

4. Keep your car clean

No one wants a dirty car. Not to mention something small could fall making it go under your break pedal thus making the car not be able to stop on time. 

5. Air freshener

Keep your car smelling good. No one wants a bad smelling car

6. Know when to give the car up

If your car is run down, not working right, having to go to the mechanic too much then you know it is time to say goodbye. 

You can head over to cars.com when the time has come. Here you can find various resources including where to sell your car. 

They also have the best comparison of new and old cars so you know which car is the safest

So there you have it all 6 tips. There is many more ways to keep your car in good shape. Main thing is to be smart and know the signs 

Drive safe please

 I will see you guys Sunday for an all new post xx

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  1. Thanks for this great insight. Will take serious note because its really important.

  2. These are very relevant points, you will not believe the amount of people i know that just don't get their cars checked periodically.

  3. My son getting his 1st car soon, bookmarking this for him. Thanks putting this together!

    1. That would make my day Calvin. What kind of car is your son getting?