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Look for Something

Feb 11, 2018

# People I like

4 Blog Post You Should Read Right Now

Tweet: Tiana is sharing blog posts she thinks you should read NOW

Blogging is a community of sharing. Sharing stories, sharing photos and more importantly sharing posts from other bloggers we love. 

Down below I share some post I have recently found on Facebook that should be read RIGHT NOW. Posts that will encourage you, teach you and most important post that will make you think. 

Go read, share, comment, subscribe to all these people. 

If you would like your post or blog shared, commented on, subscriber to: then please leave a link down below in the comments

Nerd and Exchange- Understanding Rape

Ebimna Genuis Land- Encourage Yourself

BK Shivani- Facebook

Yasmin Stefanie- Everything Happens for a reason


  1. I constantly read blog posts but I am only ONE person so.... I appreciate you sharing MUST READ LINKS I live by the quote: EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON (a positive one, haha)... So Perhaps I will read that one first!

    1. One of my favorites also. Last year I was evicted, living in a motel and had to be strong. So I kept thinking of that quote. Here I am a year later, in Alabama living in my own mobile home. Everything does happen for a reason

  2. I always love reading different blog post. I guess the cliche "reading is fundamental" applies to me because I love reading.

    1. Me too Jay. The one thing I love about blogging is reading other people's post. Like a glimpse into someones life

  3. Thank you for sharing some of your good finds.

  4. Awesome! I'm always on the lookout for some great blogs to read! Thanks!

    1. Me too. I just followed your blog. Your latest post is just the sweetest. I hope your son read it and loved it

  5. You found some really interesting posts.


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