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Nov 19, 2017

The Problem with Montly Income Reports

 has been all over Facebook people arguing about Income Reports. I am proud of people making money from their blog but there is faults to posting it every month. Every 6 months is fine. 

Now why am I posting this and not quotes or mental health issues? This has to do with mental health issues. But I will get into that later in the post. For now its Why Income Reports Annoy Me

Tell me how you feel on the income reports? Does it affect you mentally

1. Income Reports are all the same 

 a.   Same affiliates, same posts, same sponsors. 

What can you do to help the income reports

1. you could start by posting them every 6months. I dont think we need to know this every month

2. You could go into detail of what it took you to get those sponsors, how long a post takes, how much you promote your content

Now that could be put into multiple posts. I am sure your blog would go fine with those kind of posts. Most bloggers who do income reports are those who help other bloggers. 

The Major Effect income reports have on others

  See I told you mental health would come into play. 

The top of the month is when bloggers come out with income reports. Most promotions are reports. Income report after income report. 

There is some that say "How I made__ in 3months" 

Most people who click on these are new bloggers trying to learn. They see you earned $___ in just a few months since you started blogging. They been blogging for the same amount of time & yet to earn any income. This makes them think they are unworthy of blogging. Maybe they stop as they feel they are not good enough. 

I have felt this way multiple times from reading posts like those. Why are you making $3000 a month and I am not. I make good content, have affiliates, promote my butt off but to no effect. 

You may be helping a few people but you are also hurting others mentally

See you next Sunday

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