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Nov 26, 2017

Afraid of Death

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

This week I decided since it was Thanksgiving, that I would do a simple post. A questions and Answers would be fun.

Next week it will be back to the stories and mental health.

In the comments tell me your name and age

1. How old are you?

   I am 30

2. How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?

     At 18 I thought I would have kids before 24.
At 24 I thought I would have kids before age 30.
Age 30, the only kid I have is Kobe. I am ok with this.
Having mental issues makes life not happen like you want it to go. Just got to go with the flow

3. What lessons have you learned from your relationships?

   I have not had any relationships myself (more to come in another post)  but I have seen others.

A. Don't loose yourself for a lover.
Stay true to who you are

B. Don't loose your friends for a lover.
Lovers come and go but friends stay forever

C. Don't be afraid to love.
You deserve to find someone who loves you and to be loved

D. Trust your instincts.
If something does not feel right then chances are, it is not right

4. Are you afraid of dying?

  Many years ago I was but after losing my dog of 17years, I am not. I only fear how  I am going to die. Will it be painful?  Will it be quick?

5.  What does your future hold?

   It holds change and new experience. In 2018 I will be starting therapy once again and becoming a better me.
I will be exploring Montgomery as it is still new to me.
And who knows maybe somewhere I will meet someone both me and Kobe likes

6. What has been the biggest obstacle you have overcame in life?

   Everyday is a new obstacle. Being able to make it through the day. Fighting my demons that try so hard to make me join them on the other side is an obstacle I have to face everyday, sometimes more then once per day. It takes a toll on one self.

7. What is the biggest lesson you learned about being homeless?

  I have learned many lessons.
I guess the most important is who your real friends are. Some will stop talking to you when they find out you have no home ir the financial means to live. Others will stay by your side and try to help.

Another thing is I met some great people. Most people are not homeless due to drugs/gambling. Many are but some are out due to not being able to afford the price of living. This is why I was homeless for so long. Places that allow dogs are really expensive. I was not willing to give up Kobe in order to have a home.
Homeless people won't judge you because they are living the same way you are

8. What are you most thankful for?

   I am thankful for Kobe and my mom. They are all I got in this world. My mom has not judged me for my mental illness and Kobe could careless.

I am thankful that now I have a place to live.
Thankful for all my readers, the internet, animals, the sun, nature, music. Lots of things.

So that was my q&a. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something new. I will see you next Sunday for an all new post :)


  1. Death is nothing to be afraid of. It's apart of life

    1. I agree. I think most people fear what happens after then anything. Not me I believe in Heaven and reincarnation for some


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