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Nov 26, 2017

Afraid of Death

November 26, 2017 2 Opinions
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

This week I decided since it was Thanksgiving, that I would do a simple post. A questions and Answers would be fun.

Next week it will be back to the stories and mental health.

In the comments tell me your name and age

1. How old are you?

   I am 30

2. How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?

     At 18 I thought I would have kids before 24.
At 24 I thought I would have kids before age 30.
Age 30, the only kid I have is Kobe. I am ok with this.
Having mental issues makes life not happen like you want it to go. Just got to go with the flow

3. What lessons have you learned from your relationships?

   I have not had any relationships myself (more to come in another post)  but I have seen others.

A. Don't loose yourself for a lover.
Stay true to who you are

B. Don't loose your friends for a lover.
Lovers come and go but friends stay forever

C. Don't be afraid to love.
You deserve to find someone who loves you and to be loved

D. Trust your instincts.
If something does not feel right then chances are, it is not right

4. Are you afraid of dying?

  Many years ago I was but after losing my dog of 17years, I am not. I only fear how  I am going to die. Will it be painful?  Will it be quick?

5.  What does your future hold?

   It holds change and new experience. In 2018 I will be starting therapy once again and becoming a better me.
I will be exploring Montgomery as it is still new to me.
And who knows maybe somewhere I will meet someone both me and Kobe likes

6. What has been the biggest obstacle you have overcame in life?

   Everyday is a new obstacle. Being able to make it through the day. Fighting my demons that try so hard to make me join them on the other side is an obstacle I have to face everyday, sometimes more then once per day. It takes a toll on one self.

7. What is the biggest lesson you learned about being homeless?

  I have learned many lessons.
I guess the most important is who your real friends are. Some will stop talking to you when they find out you have no home ir the financial means to live. Others will stay by your side and try to help.

Another thing is I met some great people. Most people are not homeless due to drugs/gambling. Many are but some are out due to not being able to afford the price of living. This is why I was homeless for so long. Places that allow dogs are really expensive. I was not willing to give up Kobe in order to have a home.
Homeless people won't judge you because they are living the same way you are

8. What are you most thankful for?

   I am thankful for Kobe and my mom. They are all I got in this world. My mom has not judged me for my mental illness and Kobe could careless.

I am thankful that now I have a place to live.
Thankful for all my readers, the internet, animals, the sun, nature, music. Lots of things.

So that was my q&a. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something new. I will see you next Sunday for an all new post :)

Nov 19, 2017

The Problem with Montly Income Reports

November 19, 2017 0 Opinions

 has been all over Facebook people arguing about Income Reports. I am proud of people making money from their blog but there is faults to posting it every month. Every 6 months is fine. 

Now why am I posting this and not quotes or mental health issues? This has to do with mental health issues. But I will get into that later in the post. For now its Why Income Reports Annoy Me

Tell me how you feel on the income reports? Does it affect you mentally

1. Income Reports are all the same 

 a.   Same affiliates, same posts, same sponsors. 

What can you do to help the income reports

1. you could start by posting them every 6months. I dont think we need to know this every month

2. You could go into detail of what it took you to get those sponsors, how long a post takes, how much you promote your content

Now that could be put into multiple posts. I am sure your blog would go fine with those kind of posts. Most bloggers who do income reports are those who help other bloggers. 

The Major Effect income reports have on others

  See I told you mental health would come into play. 

The top of the month is when bloggers come out with income reports. Most promotions are reports. Income report after income report. 

There is some that say "How I made__ in 3months" 

Most people who click on these are new bloggers trying to learn. They see you earned $___ in just a few months since you started blogging. They been blogging for the same amount of time & yet to earn any income. This makes them think they are unworthy of blogging. Maybe they stop as they feel they are not good enough. 

I have felt this way multiple times from reading posts like those. Why are you making $3000 a month and I am not. I make good content, have affiliates, promote my butt off but to no effect. 

You may be helping a few people but you are also hurting others mentally

See you next Sunday

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Nov 17, 2017

"Lessons We Can Learn From Gurbaksh Chahal

November 17, 2017 0 Opinions
*This is a sponsored post*

I love hearing about success stories and those that have defeated the odds. One of those people who is an internet pioneer is a man named Gurbaksh Chahal, or to his friends, simply “G”. I was intrigued by his success by his beginning story and his drive to never give up no matter what the odds. Not to mention he is handsome ;)
His story begins about growing up in India. His parents were awarded a Visa via the lottery system. When G was four, he and his family came to America with \$25. He was often tormented as a child because of his turban. When he was an early teen his father took him back to India so that he wouldn’t forget his heritage. They first met some cousins on his mother’s side. G comments how he felt no connection to his cousins, it was as if his cousins thought he was the dumb American and they were the smart indians. He then went to visit his grandmother’s sister and he said she and everyone in the village was very welcoming. He then shares his first lesson: “Always surround yourself with people who want you to succeed, as you will discover most people are rooting for you to fail.”
Moving on to his teen years G began to develop a passion for helping his father with stock research. He liked it like homework, except for the real world. On October 27th, 1997 the stock market crashed. His father had lost everything. This was the first time G saw his father cry. G was terrified. A few days later his father snapped out of his depression and was determined for his family to move into the house they had been saving for. G was affected by the positive change in attitude. The resilience and determination was cemented into his way of thinking. His next lesson: “Never give up. The road to success is paved with failures

He realized that money began to to flow from traditional media such as newspaper and TV to the internet. He noticed there were other companies that were cashing in on this and that these companies started to transition from impression-based ads to click based. He wanted to try and learn more about this so he began to call and ask around. He began to start his own website and although it was a bit amateurish- he had designed it in Microsoft FrontPage. He found a company in London that had an Ad tracking system. A company rep flew out to meet G. Since G didn’t have a driver’s license, his brother drove him to the dinner meeting. He found out that the company rep was the owner and the company was a one-man operation who was on the verge of bankruptcy. G instantly knew that he was negotiating from a position of power and was no longer nervous. The man tweaked the software to G’s needs and G bought the software for \$30k. The agreement stated that G would pay him after 90 days. G needed 90 days to generate income. G also told him that once the company was up and running, he would offer to pay the man \$10k a month to operate the software. G was instantly and business and quickly registered the name “Click Agents.”
G started making more calls. He started emailing. G said that getting people on the phone was a “piece of cake.” But finding someone to take a chance on him was difficult. Finally, G struck gold when he called LeftField and ad agency who had InfoSeek as client. InfoSeek wanted to increase traffic to their site. G told LeftField that if they would put up a \$30,000 order he would deliver traffic for $1 a click. The following morning they sent over an order.
G never gave up. His story is all about his ability to persevere. His biggest lesson from all of this was about battling his cultural traditions, his parents expectations, his business adversaries or anything else that stood in his way- he was able to preserve and become extremely successful. Today he has over 3 different companies to his name, an incredible foundation that gives back to children in India and an empire to call his own. Gurbaksh Chahal truly is a rags to riches story we can all dream to have our own. He also has won an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013, is an international best-selling author of “The Dream” of his entrepreneurial journey and has been awarded the LEaders in Management Award and Honorary Doctorate degree in Commercial Science from Pace University.

Nov 14, 2017

Why Animals are Better then Humans

November 14, 2017 0 Opinions

Peace Be With You

I have compassion for humans at points but most of the time I can't be bothered with people.

I think animals are better then humans. You may hate me for saying this so go ahead. With all the shootings that happen can you blame me?

I got my reasons. Below are them

Reasons Why Animals are better then Humans

They can't use guns

They wont use you for money

They don't care how much money you got or what you look like

They need someone to care for them

They don't have a religion thus they don't harm others who think different then them

They kill other animals due to animal instinct

Humans don't have animalistic instinct

Humans know what is right and wrong

Animals do not know right from wrong

They don't make fun of someone for being different

They don't torture, murder someone for being different

They could care less about what you like as long as your nice to them

Everyday humanity is getting worse and worse. People killing, people being used, people being hurt... And for what reason?? 

We as humans are taught what is right and wrong. We know murder is wrong. We know using people is wrong, hurting people is wrong. And yet a lot of us do it. Why?

Do we lack common sense now?

Is money all we care about? 

Have we become so egotistical that we don't care for fellow humans? 

These are questions I think about all the time.

I know I lack human compassion but that is from seeing loved ones get hurt, used, abused, taken advantage of.... It could also be due to having 'mental issues'

Either way I know animals would never do the things humans do.

But animals kill humans. 

This is only if you come in between their food, family, territory. They won't kill a human for fun or because they broke up with someone.

Nov 6, 2017

My Favorite Girl Meets World Quotes

November 06, 2017 2 Opinions
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Girl Meets World a popular Disney show based on the hit Boys Meets World. Focused on the daughter of Cory and Topanga (from Boys Meets World) trying to make it in the world. A really great show that was canceled after 2 seasons and not picked up by another network. It focused on real problems like bullying and fitting in.

It has been a while since I did a 'Words I Love' series post. You can read those if you click the link above. I thought I would do a Girls Meets World one since I loved the show.

You can watch the full series over on Netflix with a month free (no code required) by clicking here

All rights on the photo go to Disney

Leave a comment down below what tv show or movie I should do next. If you would like a Part 2 then comment also


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