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Jul 30, 2017

Life In A New Apartment- Not Yipee

I wanted to try something new on the blog. This post is talking about how you are wishing for that big change but knowing that life won't work that way. Hope you enjoy :)

As you may be aware I have been trying to get a new apartment. (You can help by donating here )
I have been going through in my mind that everything will change when/if I get this apartment. As much as I wish that will be true, I know not much will change.

What will change

1. I will have a home and not live in a motel
2. Kobe will have his won backyard to play in
3. Kobe hopefully won't have neighbors who scare him half to death
4. A new city

Now as much as those things will change, the important things will not

What will not change

1. My mental health issues
2. Kobes mental health issues
3. Financial status
4. Having to find a therapist
5. My relationship status
6. That I will be turning 30 & no where closer to finding any purpose in life
7. Having no friends
8. Having nothing to live for

Why do I feel like life will get so much better? My optimism that always goes wrong. I guess I will be happy when I move out of the motel and into my own home. Will just have to see what life holds. Maybe this will be a life changing experience. 

Wish me well. Thanks for reading and I will see you Tuesday 

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