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Jul 6, 2017

July Blog Goals

I have made some Free Content for everyone. It is password protected. All you have to do is sign up for my Newsletter which you can do by clicking here 

Hey it has been awhile again. Recently I have been getting back into things.

First if you noticed I added a landing page which tells you what the blog is all about. Which you notice if you click here

Secondly I you may notice that I have a Free Content* tab. Of course offers some content. Like I said above though, it is password protected which you can get by clicking the link above

Third I have reopen my newsletter which I will be sending out once I get people to sign up :)

Since I am back, I wanted to share with you my July Blogging Goals which will include the dates I plan to post.

                           So if you want to see that then please read on

1. Back to a schedule

I have changed my posting date to two days a week. This gives me time to plan content to post. Days in between to process all the mentalness I go threw. Also keeps you wanting more. Subject to change maybe

The days currently are Monday and Wednesday.

2. Writing Challenges

I want to post a writing challenge a week. One which I find from Instagram or make up on my own. Which we can both do together.

3. Write More 

This is a goal for the blog since it is a writing blog. I got the 'Write Brain Workbook' from  Amazon and I have yet to even use it. I want to start working on that and posting them here. Another writing challenge

4. Focus on getting followers

I was posting my link everywhere and still not gaining much viewers. I think that is what made me stop wanting to post. Not getting readers quick like others can make you stressed and depressed. I will focus on my own followers, not others.

Those are my goals. What are your goals?? 

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