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Jul 14, 2017

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I Review the Fidget Cube

Unless you have been under a rock, then you know about the Fidget Spinner. (pictured below) The fun little device that is cheap but is supposed to do wonders for people with anxiety, add and other sorts of fidgetyness. Now has a huge following by people using it for fun and comes in various designs and colors. You can find them here or at your local drug store for a few dollars.
fidget spinner

Of course this is not a review on the Fidget Spinner, it is about the Fidget Cube. Very similar in helping people with anxiety, add.... Less popular then the fidget spinner in terms of trends.

Question= Do you own a Fidget Spinner or Fidget Cube? If so then do you find use in it or did you buy it since they are trendy? Leave your thoughts down below or on my Twitter #fidgetcube

If you would like to know more about the Fidget Cube, what it does, where to buy it and if I think it works then keep reading. 


What is the Fidget Cube?? 

    The Fidget Cube is a 5 sided cube that is supposed to help calm the nerves of those with anxiety, add and other mental health issues  You can buy one here or at your local drug store for less. I got mine at Five Below for $5

The basic sides

  •    1. 5-Button Side: three with 'click' sound when press, and two are mute for no troubling others even crazily pressing
  •    2. Simulated Gaming: Basically a joy stick 
  •    3. Flick Button: simulated switch button, press it without worrying about the exposure of the bulb
  •    4. Gear and Ball: Roll the gears or the ball. The ball also makes a click sound when pressed down
  •   5. Swivel  Dial: swivel the dial wheel and any bad moods will go away as the wheel goes
  •   6. Worry-free Stone: simulated worry-free stone, origin from  Tibet, where there is a legend which says that people rub it will wipe away all depression

What sides I find most useful

    I see myself using the Flick Button the most. You just flick it up and down light a light switch. It does make a 'click' noise but I like it. 

    When I don't feel like flicking something, I use the Buttons. It stimulates the click of a pen which I love to do At night I use the 2 which are silent but I find their use less good for me since I like the click sound

   I also find myself the Gear and Ball. I spin the ball with my finger over and over again. It is really a fun thing to do

     I have used the Gaming side when I feel fidgety and want to move my fingers around   

    I have not found any use of the 5th side aka the Worry Free Side. Seems not to work for me. Or the Spin side. Just does not do anything for me

Does it work? 

   I have to say yes it does work for me. When I am feeling anxious about something, I will grab my cube and just start flicking it. Calms me down

Final Thoughts

     I have never tried the Fidget Spinner since I think it would cause dizziness. However I am very glad I bought my Fidget Cube. 

I see it working wonders for me and suggest everyone to get it. It is tiny so it fits right in your pocket or purse. Just something great to have nearby if you find yourself feeling stressed.

Just keep it away from small children as the Glide Button does come off easily. Or just watch as they use it.  My dog loves it also so I have to keep it away from him 

    As always thanks for reading and I will see you next time :)

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