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Jun 28, 2017

Why Motel 6 Is Bad

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Yay it has been forever since I recently posted :) Times have been tough. I will be getting back to a normal posting schedule soon. Twice a week maybe. That is when I have things in my brain to write. Haha but true

But First- My new character Miku-

Now back to the post 

Anywhoo I think this character is cute. A boy? A girl? I am not sure.

My time off the blog has been like I said, stressful. I have still been trying to find a home. Went from a motel, to my sister, to a motel, to another motel. Which is what this post is about.  A FableMoon Storytime

So we all know Motel 6 is not the best place to stay.

1. It is cheap

2. Normally a place where hookers, drug dealers and homeless people live

3. No breakfast :(

Now you would think a hotel would care more about the guest currently staying there when they know 3/4 of the people will stay a few months. A nice hotel would care. They would care more then getting new guests, especially one that will only stay a few days.

Well apparently not Motel 6, at least not the one I stayed at.

I was told that the motel was booked. That even though I still had a day left and was planning to stay longer, I had to leave. Why?? There was conference people coming in. I have no place to go so was freaking out.

'If you leave before 12pm then you can get your money back' They told me. 10pm the day before. Naturally I stayed longer then 12pm since I had to pack.

They told other guests that they were getting kicked out but they never told us.

We had to go to another motel (which is actually cheaper then there)
Compared to people that would have stayed there another two weeks. We were staying there for 4 months.
They only care for the money.

Before that, the motel was not as bad as I thought. The guests were nice and the cops were not there too much.

But omg I can't believe they kicked us out.

I get they want the big conference money but still. Oh and we were going to go back Wednesday, but the prices went sky rocketing

Have you had an experience like this at a hotel or motel before?? Tell me about it down in the comments. 

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