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Apr 26, 2017

# FabbleMoon Original

What To Do When Life Sucks

Hey there Moontales

Those days when life sucks suck. I have been feeling stressed and down lately. Life has just been generally sucking in every aspect. It always feels like I take 1 step forward and 4 steps back. Just can't get a hold on this life thing. It sucks. I lack motivation and will to go about life anymore.

I know many people get this way and like I said it sucks. You feel as though your life is just never going to get better. You hope that it does but you been stuck like this for so long that you lose hope in everything. End life or keep going? You want to keep going for the people you care about but is it worth it.

I may not be able to get out of my rut but I just may have some Ways to help you get back on track. 

Here is 'What To Do When Life Sucks'


Take a Step Back

   A step back from social media, friends... Take a step back from everything and just be by yourself

Clear Your Mind

   You can do this by taking the step back. Going for a walk by yourself. Just try not to think at all. I know this is going to be more hard then taking a social media break but it will help

Take A Nap

      Rest is what all this is about. Rest will help you clear your mind and take a step back. All this will help with the getting back on track

Stay Hydrated

   Make sure you drink and eat plenty. I know the feeling when you are down and just don't want to eat/drink. Don't want to do much really. But being dehydrated is not going to help anything

These are just a few things I recommend. If you have any other ideas then be sure to leave it in the comments section

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