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Apr 18, 2017

This Is Why Life Sucks

Hey there Moontales :)

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This is how I see my everyday life. An arrow points and flashes at me. I have no clue what it says but it's there all the time. Flashes brighter when in public. Like a warning sign not to go near me or something

People are always quick to judge other people
People see me as:

1. a foolish person who knows nothing
2. a dangerous person that you cant go near
3. Innocent

But I am none of those. Im smarter then I appear to be granted I don't know much but im not stupid either
 Im not this young kid who is all innocent and does nothing wrong. Im 25 and sooo much naughtier then I look. You'd be surprised im sure
Im like a bug. More scared of you then you should be of me

I also feel very invisible especially when I'm out in public. I wish I was but im not. People don't see me or notice me and when they do they judge me like I said up above. Life can be soo cruel

Sometimes I wish that I that I had a house on like an island. I can be alone with my animals and wouldn't have to go outside in the world and be judged. I do wish they had more animals friends or other people they could see

One day maybe I will find somewhere I belong. People will like me. I wont have that flashing arrow pointed towards me. I would be seen as me and not someone im not. My baby's will have more interaction with people

Maybe one day I will be truly happy

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